Account Exploit

I tried to make a character on Sulfuras (wrath classic) to play with some friends.

I had two level 1’s on the server, I deleted them both before trying to make the Paladin I planned on spending $50 on to boost.

“You can’t create any characters on this server unless you already had characters on it”.

I literally just deleted two characters 5 seconds ago that I wouldn’t have deleted if I knew it was going to lock me out from playing with my friends.

So I go to undelete them.

“You can’t restore characters that were under level 10”

Keep in mind I pay $15 a month to receive this riveting product.

I need those characters restored immediately. The fact that there is this loophole that I accidentally screwed myself over is so disgusting. A GM needs to respond to this ASAP.

You pay $15 a month for access to their servers. Not any one explicit server or character.

There has been a lot of noise in regards to the locked realms. If this is the first time you’ve had to deal with any of it - I am sorry this is how it’s going to happen for you.

There are no workarounds. GMs cannot override the locks that the Devs have in place, so a ticket isn’t likely to grant you any satisfaction. Those locks and the rules surrounding them are hardcoded in by the Devs. Once you deleted those characters, you removed your capability of playing on that server until the restrictions are removed by the Devs. They will reopen the realm eventually, there just isn’t an estimation or timetable made available at this time.

They’ve been updating a singular post over in the Wrath GD as well as the support article I’ve linked. There are no exploits happening here, this is just how they’ve got their systems lined up to work until the initial surge of players subsides. They messed up badly in allowing the creation of mega-realms, and this is how they’re trying to keep it from happening again. And it’s not anything new, this has been in place and active for the past month and a half.


Two things. There are no GMs on the forums. The GMs can’t over-ride the character creation/restoration lock on the realm.


To be clear, you wouldn’t have been able to undelete them anyway, even if they had been max level, since the realm is locked and you no longer had any existing characters there.


Technically the characters level is irrelevant to the issue you are having.

You also arent able to restore characters on a locked server in which you have no active characters.