Accepted to stress/beta cannot see beta realms


I was accepted to the stress/beta events and was able to participate in the stress test (tho lots of login issues at the start)… but i’ve never seen the beta servers others see on their realm selection.

shouldn’t i see both sets of realm or just the stress realms?

Acceptance to the stress test does not give access to the normal beta.

That would be why you cannot see the realms.


oh? nutz.

i’m feeling all back-a-da-bus an stuff. gonna have words wit my inside guy

thanks for the insight. to avoid future confusion and wasting your time, i’d recommend they make the distinction somewhere on the acceptance email or the client

thx again and have a great weekend!


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If we all received the same email for the Stress Test, it already does make the distinction. There was no ambiguity about whether it was the Stress Test or the full Beta.

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and… a slower, more careful review of the email i received does indeed say ‘stress test’ and not ‘stress test and beta’

Orlyia, i apologize for the wasted time… and if you or Rufflebottom run into me, you both are entitled to one free beer of your choosing.

have a great weekend!



I understand your excitement. Keep track of the stickies in the Classic forum. They have been posting about upcoming tests there. The next one is May 29.


I suspect Rufflebottom’s choice will be the large one. Don’t let her size fool you. :woman_superhero: