Abuse of the report system for legit in-game sales

Ah, I too remember when I tried to structure my arguments around cherry picked definitions of words. Language is much more complex and nuanced than that.

Regardless of the bad faith logical fallacy shown above, if you get squelched, you did break a “rule”. People are not squelching you for following the rules.

That’s literally the point of the discussion. Mass reporting folks following the rules being automatically silenced from chat.

The auto squelch function should definitely stay. Sometimes, someone has to be stopped here and then, and you just can’t wait for a GM, a near instinct species, to show up.

On the other hand, there should definitely be actions against people that falsely report ToS compliant messages. Same thing for forums.

At what point does vigorous debate ever violate the TOS? I believe you to be in error. but even if it does have a place in the TOS where the spirit of debate and conflict is suppressed (if I were EVER to find such be sure I would be gone from this community that instant) you seemed to have misunderstood (whether you did this wantonly or negligently I leave for you to decide) the key word in that sentence. That word is SHOULD . That it is done in reality I doubt not. The ideal though is that NO individual nor ANY other party, community, society, collective or group, SHOULD ever have the authority to deny debate on an idea or philosophy. Giving any such person or group that kind of authority leads only to the suppression of ideas and hinders delays and retards the natural progress of human understanding. Do you wish to give anyone such power over you? I thought not.

This happens so little that it’s not even worth discussing.

It is not common that one randomly gets dogpiled with mass reports whilst following the rules.

To claim that auto squelch is a “falsely applied penalty” because in .02% of scenarios it may have been a false flag is disingenuous.

The autosquelch does more good than harm, and for that reason, it should stay.

Just follow the chat rules and 9.999999+ times out of ten, you will NOT get auto squelched.

Nah just going to keep reporting people who do any form of sells, it’s destroying the game and giving items to people who don’t deserve it. Casuals who get carried, get fully geared then come on the forums and complain about the game being boring/easy.

So no thanks, hate boosters or people who sell for gold.


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That sort of thing is not idle banter. Period. It is reprehensible and does not belong in game, or even in reasonable society. People should not have to turn off chat to avoid it. They should report the person so they are properly rejected from the community.

Profanity, masked profanity, racism, gender based hatred, nationalism, etc.

Trying to normalize hateful people is not ok. There is NOTHING ok about that stuff ever.

You might want to read the rules you agreed to. The forum code of conduct has the most detail.

Your personal blog might be wide open to whatever, but the game is not nor should it be.


Multiboxers still get reported for herb gathering on 5 druids even if they don’t use software broadcasting.

So as they told us, You’ll get reported, it’s up to blizzard to figure out if you get a ban or not.

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when it crosses the line into hate.

I signed the ToS (as did you), so… yes. in the realm of in-game chat in world of warcraft, I agreed to a certain set of rules and I expect that I’ll be held accountable to those rules.

look if Johnny McHatesMinorities wants to be a racist dirtbag, I recognize that in the US, he is free to his opinions. But he is not free to spread those opinions in WoW trade chat.

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People trolling the forums is not indicative of anything. I guess they’re probably happy to see that their troll bait is working. :man_shrugging:

I wonder if all boosting is going to get banned eventually. Kind if like when Blizzard banned multi box software. People still were able to multi box using hardware tricks and what not. Then Blizzard banned that as well.


The common thing I heard about all those debates on what is and isn’t in the rules etc, “I’ll let blizzard figure it out.”

I’m seeing a similar trend on this topic too.

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Yeah, guilty until proven innocent is such a great thing to live by.

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Woah woah, nobody’s getting thrown in jail or getting lynched. It’s just a temp silence that’s gonna be removed if it was unwarranted.

The guy in the crowd throwing around insults might also get silenced after a while with a good right.

Only way you can do it now is 100% manually essentially on one machine (alt tab, multi window, windows 10 hover to activate a window function) maybe 2 machines (1 hand for each computer basically, which some people can do that). Anyway (not the main focus here).

They may getting ready to ban all of it. Who knows but that would be really really hard to enforce unless they are about to place trade limits on an account per day for gold trading to combat RMT and bots.

Runescape had to do that due to RMT a long time ago, and they almost went belly up over it. Banks were blocking credit cards cause they would see runescape subscriptions then the gold sellers on their bank accounts with the CC number often times getting stolen. They saw 1 so they knew the other was coming so they started blocking everything.

Not saying blizz would do that, but just a key bit on some history there with another game.

Wasn’t asmon at one point silenced or something because he had people report him with, “I love wow” or something?

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He’s been squelched a few times and noticed when he couldn’t join groups.

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He got Squelched because he had a ton of unique reports in a short time. He did not know that system was in game, and had been since at least 2011. His squelch was removed.

What he did get was Suspended for 3 days for abusing the reporting system and wasting the GMs time.


Ah ok. I don’t keep up with him a lot so wasn’t sure. I heard something about that.


Ah ok. Like I said earlier in this post I don’t really keep up with any of his dealings so wasn’t sure exactly what went down. TY for that.