Abuse of the report system for legit in-game sales

Since the announcement yesterday, two people in my guild have received a “silence” penalty from your automated system. These two were advertising Mythic Sylvanas carries in trade chat.

Automatic banning/silencing based solely on report volume needs to be improved, temporarily disabled, or turned off forever.

People should also be penalized if they submit a large number of reports that are later overturned by review.


I was one of the silenced, I got silenced for a week before i put in a ticket and there were multiple people talking and egging people on to report and kind of advertisement even if its for a private group, which is not against ToS.


Every time I see one of these threads I get the urge to make an ad in chat :laughing:


Players should never have been given the power to penalize others. Doing so is one of the dumbest things any gaming community can allow.


The current meta of one of the more recent MMO releases is to mass report pvp opponents so automated software boots them from the game.

Give idiots the power to harass others and toxic behavior will take over. Thankfully these little edge lords will lose interest in griefing in a week or so, and while that’s not a perfect solution it is what it is.


Ya know you could hire GMs to read the reports then see the chats to see what happened. Ya know like how a company that’s worth 70B should do.


Yeah alright so we will just see racist things we can’t report sure that’s alright y’all. Stupid take I don’t buy OP bait post for a min. Gonna need some screenshots


Reporting isnt the issue, but when you get autobanned after X number of reports then you essentially are putting bans in the hands of players and not community managers or whatever. I agree and I hope that everyone posting here agrees that racist language and other crap needs to be banned


There was an incident where someone was pushing and promoting CP on the chat channels a while back. I’m rather glad the players put a stop to that and not have to wait for a GM to step in.


They’re not. They’re reporting things that seem to be suspicious. Thats one of the features in every online game. It should be used and looked into.

To the OP, I think you guys have to reword is differently so it won’t seem like you’re advertising a boost community. You guys have to work on it, or try not to sell carries in trade?


It’s alright humanbeak was also for boosting communities so I can see why he’s upset now that people have a justice crusade to report these said communities. Still :popcorn:


I don’t care what the sellers are selling, but If see the same message a bunch of times in a few minutes, I’m gonna report.


WTS WTS WTS WTS was so annoying at least trade now you can actually talk with people and coordinate selling an item ingame


You should learn to read the posts you’re responding to.

This topic is about the squelching that occurs if x number of people reports the same person. It’s an automatic “you’re silenced until a GM reviews it, whenever that happens”. So yes, players absolutely levy penalties on other players.

It’s no different than people using the forum flag system as a downvote option to hide a post, with the exception the flagged person can at least still post until a mod reviews the flag.


False reporting is eventually punished. But it takes a while, as a pattern needs to emerge.

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Okay on that I agree. And I will admit might of skimmed through it but at the end of the day players should have power to report. If someone was posting CP we shouldn’t be waiting for a GM

They can’t apply any penalties.

They can auto squelch a spammer. That has been in the game for over 10 years and requires a lot of unique reports within a short time period. It does not allow multiple reports per account so switching chars does not add to the report list. Blizzard has never revealed just how many unique reports it takes to trigger it. It was designed for gold spammers and other major community irritants.

Silence penalty is applied by a GM. Suspension is applied by a GM. Those are permanent marks against the account and actual penalties. Each time you get another Silence it doubles in duration. Players can’t do that. Just like they can’t do anything on the forums except report. Any removal of posts, threads, suspensions is done by the Mods.


It’s not uncommon. The chat report feature has been abused before for different circumstances. People not understanding that boosting isn’t banned are just going to report everyone they see now. Just like people automatically reported everyone they saw with someone following them as a bot when that policy change was announced.


And thats the issue. Posting like that isn;t a TOS violation, and yet we get banned

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It’s an action that penalizes the person reported. It’s a penalty. It’s not an official one until a GM decides, but the reported player is punished regardless. There’s no need to split hairs over this.