Abuse of the report system for legit in-game sales

this is same reason majority rule doesnt work irl either.


Maybe for US? EU and other areas on the other hand…

The anti-boost brigade is far more toxic, bad for the game, and annoying than the spam ever was imo.


ROFL how so?

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then it wasnt about you. Dont take it as personal attack. I didnt call you out specifically i called out spammers in general. If you took that personally thats on you, you must think you somewhere in your brain you are doing the wrong thing. Either that or Main character syndrome.

This came straight from Kaivax. So can we now report these false report and get them banned

No, she is rude and duplicitous so I will be snarky in return

That isn’t efficient rofl. That’s over an hour of playtime just doing chores.

You just described yourself, not Mirasol. Follow the Code of Conduct you agreed to.

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No ot doesn’t because the threshold is extremely low. If someone got 10 people to just spam reports all day they could auto squelch anyone who talks in trade.

How do you do that? I have never seen anything saying “So and So reported you”

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If someone insults me I will be snarky in return she has insulted me multiple times and continually attempts to play word games badly but still atempts.

Sensible way to fix this:

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No one insulted you. Grow up.

you can’t but you can open up a ticket and counter the report which can ban the person who falsely reported you

If one person reports in good faith Blizz is not going to suspend them for abusing the report system. They want people to report things and those things won’t always be right.

If a person or group is engaging in a coordinated campaign to flood reports, disrupt the server, etc - they will get suspended.

you mean like what is happening right now :wink: And if you tell me there’s no ill-intent on the report you’re either bias or blind


Shockingly enough calling someone a troll and implying they are dumb is considered an insult much like you claiming I can’t read :slight_smile:

Extreme levels of bias

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Yes, coordinated campaigns are done with ill intent which is why they can get suspended. If you ask your stream to report someone falsely that can get someone a suspension. etc.

I think we agree on that.

Right now we also have the issue of a new rule and a lot of people not knowing the nuances of it. So you have people who are just reporting stuff they see and think is wrong, but not as part of a coordinated group or for ill intent.

Blizz CS is aware of it and aware of the difference between the two.