Absent Class Tuning

I understand that Blizz doesn’t give a crap about retail at the moment, so I guess it makes sense they’ve completely abandoned class tuning… But for the love of god, please fix some of the glaring imbalances or you’ll lose your entire pvp audience before your expansion even comes out.

I’m not going to go into all the op crap right now, just watch the AWC and you’ll quickly see.


To loosely quote Captain Barbossa from Pirates of the Caribbean -

“You better start believing in an abandoned dying game mode, because you’re in one”.

Take that as you may.


Just accept it as fact.

Unfortunate reality is that we’re just abandoned.

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Still waiting on an Ele rework. ;_;


True. Need to revert 10.1 ret nerfs, make freedom unpurgeable, and give them prot pally freedom horse.

Ret paladin was finally good for one week and then sent back to dumpster tier. :rage:


there is zero chance classes get tuned again this season

this is an 11.0 waiting room


ive heard theyare full resetting all pvp nerfs/buffs for next xpac and starting from scratch on cdews stream not sure if true or not

i could see them doing that with BGs becoming the focus, but we’ll actually be able to test it on beta so it won’t be a surprise

shouldn’t be anyway

Rend and Shield slam my beloved

Also FDK finally playable


Can’t wait to 1 shot kids with chains of ice.


They don’t care and even if they did care, the people in charge aren’t active in the game enough to understand the problems.


Games actually fairly balanced rn.

While yes there is generally higher performing specs, you d be hard pressed to find a spec that doesnt feel strong in the right comp aside from 1 or 2.


DK, any spec.

Idk, I play unholy dk and it feels pretty solid. Solid A tier imo and I don’t even play it very well.

From what I see of frost dks, yeah they only seem to exist out of hoping they can delete something in thier blinding go.


you probably haven’t played it when it is actually good then. DS needs to be unnerfed, armor needs to be unnerfed, damage over all needs to be buffed massively, a fully maxxed out VP will be doing about 13k per tick against targets with almost 2m hp, and a lack of dot snapshotting means our dots don’t stay at max potential very long. i think mine average about 9.9k.

I agree with these, but I think damage is fine personally (e.g., after the most recent buffs).

The game feels fine if playing something that is as broken as all the other OP things, but the point of balancing is to give other things a chance to shine. Not receiving changes makes people who play weaker specs to feel unheard and it’s a bit unfair since we all pay $15 a month.


the buffs aren’t in the right areas. they need to buff our dots and pets. a boomkin can passively do more rot damage pressing an AoE button than we can try to intentionally setup. if our damage is “fine” then everyone else needs a massive nerf.

Dks cracked right now


i don’t know what that means.

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