About the X-45 Heartbreaker mount!

Hey everyone!,

Seeing as the Love is in the Air world event is right around the corner, I decided to make a topic about the X-45 Heartbreaker mount that has a chance to drop from epic-quality Heart-Shaped Boxes.

Last year, Many players posted about the drop rate for this particular mount regarding the extremely low drop-rate. I understand Blizzard posted a response regarding this which you may read by Clicking Here.

According to the post I linked, Blizzard stated they were looking at possible solutions for world events in general. However since then we haven’t heard anything regarding this.

So, Is there still plans to potentially raise the drop-rate in time for the Love is in the Air event starts this year? Are any potential plans still being considered? I’m sure the WoW community would love to know! :slight_smile:


Simple approach would be to raise it to the level of the headless horseman mount drop chance. Or make it farmable via the event’s currency but then you’d have to keep it within a reasonable amount of time effort since all those tokens are lost once the event is over.


If they made it so lets say you could buy it after 10 times of running it that would be fine. Each year doing the event increases the chance by 2%. That would seem fair and actually make it so playing the game constantly would improve your chances instead of just giving it to someone because its a low drop chance.


Honestly, as someone who has every event mount, I really wish they’d just do this.

Even if they make it so the tokens don’t disappear after the event ends, so you can stockpile over multiple years if you don’t want to play every single day to guarantee it that year.

I’m honestly just tired of RNG in this game. Lol.


One other suggestion regarding this I thought about tonight regarding this mount. Why does it only drop for characters from the maximum level of the last expansion (Level 60) to Level 70?

Personally, I feel it should drop for all levels. Yes, I know that the box is only epic-quality for those that are Level 60+. But why not make the box epic-quality for all levels. Have it drop epics that are relevant for lower levels by having it scale to them. Along with a chance at the mount in the process.

Just a thought I had.


There have been several posts about this and yet radio silence from the devs. We are less than a month from the event and it’s still a horrendous drop rate. I currently have 55 characters above 60 (with a few more I’m levelling this week) and I doubt I’ll even make a dent in getting it. It’s so frustrating.


I have this sneaking suspicion their answer is going to be the Trading Post. And the silence is they want to announce it as part of Love is in the Air.

But that’s just my speculation.

There’s so many things datamined as part of the trading post that were not seen on the PTR, and we know other stuff will be added like store mounts/pets that were removed. So it would make sense if they plan to add holiday mounts as a form of “If you have really bad luck, you can use your Tender on the mount to guarantee it”

You can also “save” an item in the Trading Post so it doesn’t go away the next month, effectively creating a way to let people save up for it if they have something else they really want that month. (or if they release it for the event, let them “save” it for the next month if they already spent their tender for the month, for example)

I hope I’m wrong though - because it’d be unfair that others have to use their trading post currency on something other people got lucky and had drop (granted, at the same time, we could have to spend our currency on things other people could have just paid real money for before they were removed from the store, so same situation in a way?). Just a feeling.


Honestly, if it’s done this way, I’m ok with it. I’m just sick and tired of farming this low poly mount lol. I think increasing the drop% or buying it with tokens during the event would be better, but I’ll take anything at this point.


Personally, I wouldn’t mind if we could get this particular mount off of the Trading Post while the event is active each year.

However, If this is done, Blizzard would need to re-write the description for the Feat of Strength Achievement for obtaining it. So instead of the Achievement saying in the description “Obtain the X-45 Heartbreaker from Apothecary Hummel in Shadowfang Keep during Love is in the Air.”

It would need to say something like “Obtain the X-45 Heartbreaker mount during Love is in the Air.” instead.


A follow-up for anyone who comes along to this thread and didn’t know:

The X-45 Heartbreaker now drops at a greatly increased rate on your first attempt each day.