Abilities Not Doing Expected Damage/Healing in Fated Raids

Sounds like Ancestral Guidance for ele shamans is broken too!

Are you aware that its not just fated raids? Damage in M+ is off as well, like gaining a 20-40% damage boost and dealing the same damage or within 10% of the baseline without the buffs.


So AoTC, Bonedust Brew, and Brewmaster 4 piece are all broken in fated raids? All specs for the monk class are bugged? It sounds like the season 4 changes are too complex for the limited resources blizz devoted to it. Maybe time to roll it back?


Man. I -knew- something was off last night while we were in Nath. Especially in AOE, my Hunter just fet like he was chucking nerf darts. Hope this gets fixed soon.


Virtuous Command conduit for Ret is a no go as well, hitting for about 15k total damage over a fated heroic raid fight lol

Can confirm that Templar’s Vindication and Virtuous Command are also not functioning properly. On Sludgefist, a fight where it’s expected to see large and fun numbers, Templar’s Vindication hit on average for 293 damage, while my actual TV was hitting for as much as 77k. Virtuous Command was hitting for an average of 72 damage. I knew something was off last night, and I’m going to continue looking through logs to find out if other sources of damage are also bugged.

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If they can’t have this fixed like quick. this is what they need to do.

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Lmao typical blizzard can’t release LITERALLY ANYTHING without severely breaking everything. Such a great company.


Fae Transfusion (Elemental Sham) is not working properly in Fated raid either. super low damage and healing when re-activated,

I think they usually do a pretty good job of limiting bugs, but this one impacts a lot of specs. The wowhead post actually recommends not playing 11 specs for progression until it’s fixed.

Elemental shaman 2pc is not functioning correctly.
Some people are reporting that Lava Surge itself is bugged.

explains why my Keg Smash healing was 17hps… and my health pool rarely went above 100K!!!

You try being a QA person and attempting to fix their bugs.

It happens, this is a very unique and abnormal one. Relax its not the end of the world.

I imagine with this severe of a bug, I feel like they’d maybe give us about a week of gametime, maybe more.


Yeah, my Outlaw Rogue felt so bad on trash packs. Looked a Details and was like WTH?

Here’s the List of abilities so far.

This feels like it impacts anything that has to do with server calculations or environmental modifiers.

Frenzyband: Server calculates 150% of damage you just dealt with applicable abilities.
Ignite: Server calculates your mastery + damage dealt to deal ignite damage.
Elemental shaman 2pc: Timer based on an environmental presence (Storm Ele)
Touch of the Magi: Damage based + modified by conduit.
Harmonic Echo: Also damage based.
Beast Cleave: Damage based + Range Check.
Bonedust Brew: Damage based.
Brewmaster 4pc: Damage based.
Templars Vindication and Virtuous Command: Damage modifiers are involved.
Blade Flurry: Damage modifier involved + Range Check.
Shadow Blades: Damage modifier involved.
Molten Weapon: Damage modifier involved.
Leech: Damage/Healing based.
Ancient Teachings of the Monastery: Healing Based.
Atonement: Healing Based.
Pets (and potentially also avoidance as a whole?): AoE Damage reduction modifier.

With this pattern in mind, anything and everything that is affected by a damage or healing modifier (% of damage or damage dealt) will not work properly in a fated raid.
Yet somehow elemental shaman is relatively unimpacted by these modifiers, but as a general rule this applies.

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I’ll say that usually when there are bugs I’ll hush up, but this is a horrible execution on blizzards part. I accept that there will be flaws every time a new patch or xpac is dropped. It’s almost expected because they’ve changed the game into a “new game.” Yet, this is, imo, unprofessional.

Lucky you my opening totm with lust and pot hit for a whopping 13k lol

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Heh, I went on PTR /5 test chat and yelled “Fated CN when!” about 20 times during 9.2.7 PTR. Don’t think it ever opened.

Any updates on this? Seems like the game isn’t working. Will we be receiving game time for this? Is there even an estimated amount of time you think it’ll take to fix?