Abilities Not Doing Expected Damage/Healing in Fated Raids

my barrage and blast hit for 33 dmg in fated cn


Whatever this bug is it’s affecting everyone whose abilities replicate damage and or healing, but only in nathria.

i been waiting months to get cat slime mount i get voted out because lower dmg then a healer who isnt even in the raid =( gonna go cry in a corner and hope it gets fixed in the morning tomorrow arcane was already not even a thought, now its a laughing stock can even get in farm boe =(

Lol. I noticed that the moment my guild engaged shriekwing. I thought it was a fluke and i did something wrong, but then we got to huntsman and that’s when it was made clear to me.

Fire seems to also be hit by this and discipline priests as well.

I’ve edited the title of this thread, because it’s a broad known issue.

We are aware of and working on a bug causing some player abilities to malfunction in Fated Raids.

Our investigation so far has revealed a complicated problem that we do not expect to be able to fix quickly.

This is a top priority for us, and we’ll provide updates as soon as we have them.


For arcane mage it definitely affects Touch of the Magi and Harmonic Echo (the Kyrian covenant legendary / unity). TotM is doing about 10% of what I’d expect. Harmonic echo is doing about 1/8 of what I’d expect.

This is a pretty serious issue.


Imagine the look on my face when i saw 20k touch of the magi exploding agter multiple crits from blast and barrage :sob:

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Not sure if you are aware of the Mistweaver Legendary not working as well Ancient Teachings of the Monastary as it is healing for 25% instead of 250%

Adding to the list. Molten Weapons, from Enhancement’s fire Elemental Spirits talent is not doing expected damage as well. The frost and lightning wolves appear to be working correctly, just the fire dot.


This is affecting ALL atonement healing throughout. Disc is literally not playable at the moment.


Kaivax - do you want a list of abilities / items along with logs as we encounter them being bugged? Or does your internal understanding of the root cause here naturally fix everything once you have a fix?

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well that explains why blade flurry was barely doing as much dmg as ambush overall LUL

hope its fixed quick this is a huge deal.

p.s was there no ptr at all? seems like something that wouldve been spotted early with some testing.


Add bonedust brew to this too.

How did this error go live when PTR raid testing occurred. This has broken multiple specs to be unplayable and being told “play another spec” for now seems bit redundant


Hello, thanks for the information! I wanted to also let you know that Shadow Priest talent Psychic Link seems to also be affected. I ran it today for Mythic Huntsman and it did only 2.6k damage over the fight.

Check in on feral druid legendary frenzyband, the dot is doing an extremely low amount of damage.

Fated raids were on the PTR?

They definitely were not, otherwise people would have known way ahead that the cat wasn’t in LFR.

well its simple it wasn’t tested lmao

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Night Fae Arms warrior appeared to be doing way less than normal damage for me in M+

Kyrian Fury appears to be working ‘well enough’

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