Abilities Not Doing Expected Damage/Healing in Fated Raids

Yeah, my Outlaw Rogue felt so bad on trash packs. Looked a Details and was like WTH?

Here’s the List of abilities so far.

This feels like it impacts anything that has to do with server calculations or environmental modifiers.

Frenzyband: Server calculates 150% of damage you just dealt with applicable abilities.
Ignite: Server calculates your mastery + damage dealt to deal ignite damage.
Elemental shaman 2pc: Timer based on an environmental presence (Storm Ele)
Touch of the Magi: Damage based + modified by conduit.
Harmonic Echo: Also damage based.
Beast Cleave: Damage based + Range Check.
Bonedust Brew: Damage based.
Brewmaster 4pc: Damage based.
Templars Vindication and Virtuous Command: Damage modifiers are involved.
Blade Flurry: Damage modifier involved + Range Check.
Shadow Blades: Damage modifier involved.
Molten Weapon: Damage modifier involved.
Leech: Damage/Healing based.
Ancient Teachings of the Monastery: Healing Based.
Atonement: Healing Based.
Pets (and potentially also avoidance as a whole?): AoE Damage reduction modifier.

With this pattern in mind, anything and everything that is affected by a damage or healing modifier (% of damage or damage dealt) will not work properly in a fated raid.
Yet somehow elemental shaman is relatively unimpacted by these modifiers, but as a general rule this applies.

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I’ll say that usually when there are bugs I’ll hush up, but this is a horrible execution on blizzards part. I accept that there will be flaws every time a new patch or xpac is dropped. It’s almost expected because they’ve changed the game into a “new game.” Yet, this is, imo, unprofessional.

Lucky you my opening totm with lust and pot hit for a whopping 13k lol

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Heh, I went on PTR /5 test chat and yelled “Fated CN when!” about 20 times during 9.2.7 PTR. Don’t think it ever opened.

Any updates on this? Seems like the game isn’t working. Will we be receiving game time for this? Is there even an estimated amount of time you think it’ll take to fix?

30 minutes ago, we deployed a fix for a number of abilities scaling improperly in Castle Nathria.

This had the unintended effect of resetting active Castle Nathria instances. We apologize for this.

Abilities should behave correctly now. We’ll continue to watch this issue very closely.


This mean bosses are elgible for loot again? And does this affect the fated quest?

either way, thanks for getting this fixed relatively quickly, rough that the ptr didnt catch this


Active instances I assume meant all active in-game instances, not your lockouts. Lockouts are still in place on my character.

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I have not had a chance to check inside the raid, but I just did a very fast test on a target dummy and I’m still getting ~30% out of Touch of the Magi for a single Arcane Blast, when my expectation is 38.2%. This is the same behavior as I was seeing last night.

Thats insane you guys were able to resolve it this quickly. Keep quick fixes and responses coming!


I just fought the world boss in Revendreth and Touch of the Magi and Harmoic Echo are still doing ~10% of what they should be. Perhaps they need to push the same fix to the world servers and haven’t done so yet, but at the least, the issue isn’t completely resolved.

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Kara tuning when?


World content that scales with ilvl has been bugged like this for as long as I can remember, because the game sort of lies about the damage you’re doing.

E.g. for my mage, the target dummies in elysian hold are scaled up to 1.46M health from my ilvl, but really only have their base 1179100 health. My arcane orb says it does 4101 damage when it hits, but really only does 4101*(1179100/1460000), or about 3311 damage to the target dummy’s actual health bar, and TotM damage is computed based on that, effectively only doing about 30.3% instead of the expected 37.6%. I believe all “based on x% damage done” things like leech and other abilities have been bugged in open world content like this for as long as ilvl scaling has been a thing.

It’s always been fine in relevant instances (e.g. I got the appropriate TotM damage when I hopped into M spires to test rq) before now. The issue in fated raids was much more extreme, so I’m not sure if they just really messed with real HP values or if it was some new issue entirely.

tl;dr: It’s definitely still bugged in outdoor content to the same degree it always has been, but it seems to be working fine in raids from logs I’ve seen post-fix.

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Must not have been that complicated then lol

this implies that some might still be iffy?

such mystery

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Did CN H this morning prior to this lockout is still there must have been if you were in the raid when they did all this.

I just want a simple and direct answer. Yes or No will suffice. Was the 4 piece tier for Brewmaster Monks fixed for Fated Raids?? Remember YES or NO answers only, no BS redirects or announcements that seem like you fixed it all but in reality, you only did a small percentage of what needed to be done.

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This has not yet been fixed for at least the fated outdoor bosses. Obviously they’re not difficult, but it felt bad watching my 3x Blackout Kick proc do an extra 80 damage from Bonedust Brew and heal for 610.

As we’ve examined this and related issues, players noticed our fix seemed to come at the exact time bosses’ health appeared to go up.

We’ve looked into this very thoroughly, and it looks like the issue with spell scaling was also causing enemy health to display incorrectly. The same fix that addressed player abilities like Blade Flurry and boss abilities like Soul Spikes behaving incorrectly, also fixed how enemy health was displayed.

Looking closely at logs of raids before and after the fix, we believe that the effective combat time and difficulty of the raid has remained unchanged.

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