AAMS Hallow's End Bash!

Greetings all!

The AAMS is hosting a Hallow’s End Celebration as a part of the last Lounge Night in October!

Activities include:

-Costume contest!
-Candy Making contest!
-A thrilling game of survival against a slasher killer!

Prizes TBD, See discord post for details

Lounge will start an hour earlier to accommodate the event, same location. Note: ITRP will be canceled to accommodate (thank you Surinda!)

Date: 10-30-21

Time: 7 pm server (MST)

Location: The Drunken Hozen, Dawn’s Blossom in the Jade Forest

Contact: Nikruun-CenarionCircle (Dharacy-CenarionCircle Alliance) btag: yonykins#1884

Please register for the contests by replying to this post, the discord post, or with a DM by 10-29 midnight ^^

(Thank you to Uluion for the slasher game idea, Zylae for the candy contest idea, and Fen’s declaration that we must have a costume contest :stuck_out_tongue: )


Thank you. I’m in.

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More information!


7:00 - Lounge opens
7:15 - Treat contest submission deadline
7:30 Treats presented, voting open
7:55 Treat contest voting closed
8:00 Treat contest winner announced, costumes presented, voting open
8:30 Costume contest voting closed
8:45 Winner announced, closing remarks
9:00 Bash closed! Start the game!

The “Pick our Sweets” Treat Tournament!

Make your own candy, baked goods, or other treats to be served and judged at the Hallow’s End Bash! Anyone can participate, even those who cannot be present at the Bash. Send in a description of your treat or make a TRPE item that can be copied and traded! Describe the flavor, appearance, texture or any magical effects. Wacky and creative sweets are encouraged! However, no permanent side effects or illness is allowed. (IE no poison or cursing every into becoming toads for all time!) Effects must come with a clear warning label!

Please DM me your description or arrange a time to trade me your TRP item beforehand if you will not be present at the Bash. Treat submissions are open now until 7:15 pm server 10/30 ( during the Bash!) Descriptions of the candies will be posted in discord for reference once presented.

All attendees will be able to vote for their favorite candy! The Treat with the most votes wins a prize!

Costume Contest

This is a costume party! Come in your most creative and stylish creation! There will be a brief window for everyone to show off their costumes at the Bash. Those who cannot attend may also send in screenshots to be posted on discord and presented by the hosts at the Bash.

If you wish to be included in the costume contest, you MUST inform the hosts before the start of the event (10/30 7 pm server) so that we can prepare for the presentations.

When presenting, be brief! Show off with a turn, an emote, and give a couple words to explain your costume. Not a whole backstory please. ^^ The aim is for the presentations to last about 15 minutes, adjusted by the number of people who sign up.

Please submit your screenshots by 8 pm to be included in the Contest! Same as the candy contest, attendees will vote for their favorite costume, and the winner takes home a prize!