A Winter Veil Gift in tbc

Last year they never fixed resetting the gift quests and likely because by the time they got to the bug, the event was over.

Most players may not care about this so its harder to get the traction in the 8 days we have left but the more replies to this forum post the better visibility it will get.

Aside from that all we can do is submit tickets, request to escalate those tickets, and submit bug reports en masse.

Man its such a bummer they couldn’t figure out how to just make it be the tbc event instead of just the classic one again. It is a stupid little thing to look forward to, but i was definitely looking forward to the pet. Very disappointing they cant even put in the small amount of effort it would take to give the community this one new thing. Oh well, i am not counting on this getting fixed… . Blizzardo and ruining xmas, name a more iconic duo.

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There’ll be a toy vendor in Dalaran in Wrath Classic that will sell the clockwork rocketbot.

Actually, the Clockwork Robot sold by the vendor is a blue reskin. The only time to get the Red Clockwork Robot would be now.

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Hmm… That was so long ago. I don’t think I ever got my red clockwork rocketbot added to my toy collection UI.

Greatfather winter hid his best present a bit too well this year, but he’s now found it and returned it to the top of the pile in Ironforge and Orgrimmar. Apologies and enjoy your Clockwork Rocket Bot!


Lol really dude? It’s a literal Christmas miracle that this was fixed. Save your request for another day.


Textbook example of how its never enough no matter what Blizzard does. Literally fixed a major issue and people still crawl out of the woodwork to trash them.

Thankyou for getting it fixed!


It’s not enough when all of the issues brought up are ignored and never fixed, no. Perhaps if they’d grace us with a response more than once a year people wouldn’t be so salty.

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can you fix the game instead of deleting comments on a thread about a stupid christmas pet everyone will forget lmao


Happy Holidays Nerdrage!


I mean… he did fix the game by hotfixing the present in


A prime example of why CMs don’t “just chat” anymore.

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Except they literally just did what you asked and people still find a way to be snarky and rude about it.

What did they do that we asked for?

Lol calling someone a nerd on THE WOW FORUMS

I asked for them to offer free transfers for servers that got passed up in the last wave. And also for dual spec.

Which of those did they do again?

They fixe robot toy tjat wasnt below christmis tree!

What does that toy do? Is it a dps increase?