Merry Christmas! No Winter Veil Gift under the tree in Orgrimmar

As title, no new toys. guess I was a bad kid this year, better luck in 2022

I thought they were on the 25th not the 24th? Did they change it?

Ahh sorry, It is the 25th now on OCE servers, all the presents spawned but the new toy Clockwork Rocket Bot contained in Winter Veil Gift is not under the tReee.

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Oooooh got you. It may appear upon the next daily reset. Here it’s still the 24th and I think it goes off California time. Don’t fret should be there soon! =)


The boy who cried wolf.

There’s no gifts at all under the tree in Ironforge yet, and it’s after server reset time…

They are here for me, both factions.

Really hoping they’ll mail it to us after the 3 TBCC Devs come back from the holidays

Guess this is at least a potential option for hope because there is basically no chance anyone is fixing it today or probably this year. Hope im wrong but… Im filled with doubt

A Winter Veil Gift in tbc - #14 by Aggrend-1483 It’s been hotfixed in.

A true Christmas miracle, thank you blizzard!

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