Clockwork Rocket Bot not available?

One of the Christmas gifts is suppose to give Clockwork Rocket Bot but it looks like the gifts are still giving Classic loot not TBC.


Yeah, same old stuff here too. The ‘best’ item available is the Mechanical Greench.

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I didn’t receive the Clockwork Rocket Bot either. I hope Blizzard would gift it via mail.

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Having the same problem, what a shame… it’s exclusive to this year of TBC too…

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After further inspection, it seems that the gift that gives it isn’t even available, questie shows it as a quest but really it isn’t there. It’s called “Winter Veil Gift” and has a 100% chance to give the robot

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having the same issue as well and i’m pretty sure blizzard forgot to add the toy

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The Winter Veil Gift isnt available and so the Clockwork Rocket Bot - which was exclusive to this first Winter’s Veil in tbc i believe - isnt available in game.

Likely similar to how the Brewfest Mount stamp was originally left out when Brewfest launched.

The more replies this post gets the better just to help with visibility but its worth submitting bug reports and submitting tickets.

They never seemed to get around to resetting the gift quests in classic for the 2nd Winter’s Veil so heres hoping they actually resolve this one.

Indeed. That came to mind when I saw this thread!

Good news! A Winter Veil Gift in tbc - #14 by Aggrend-1483

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Blizzard has added the Clockwork Rocket Bot under the Xmas tree. I was able to loot an additional present today and received the toy from it.