[A] Weekend Raiding with Randos (Heroic)

Ignore Mechanics on Blackhand-Galakrond runs a guild heroic raid that has the primary goal of having a fun time with our friends and secondly to see heroic content and get AOTC by the end of the tier. We’ve looked a lot for weekend raids that can suit our bunch, but it seems like everyone just wants to run on reset day.

We have more than enough healers, but need DPS (and if you have a tank offspec, that’s bonus but not necessary).

Our raids run:
Saturday 9:30pm-11:30pm Eastern
Sunday 7pm-9:30pm Eastern

A little bit about us - we’re a mid-sized guild that can’t fill out the kind of big raids that Blizzard seems to insist on designing for, but our scrappy bunch has managed to make 9/9N and 4/9H progress so far in BoD. To get an idea of the kind of people that will fit in well with us:

  • We’re mostly oldsters who work full time and some have families. That’s why we raid on weekends and are not hardcore. If you can’t make it all the time, that’s cool.
  • Lots of M+ keys! Usually in the 9-11 range, and we make some timers and we don’t make some timers… but in the end that’s okay and we’re not gonna rage about it.
  • Apparently, one of our main healers said we have “delicious pandas.”
  • Nobody cares about your parse. If we’re having a fun time and the team is winning, we don’t care if you’re being held back from your purple parse.
  • Being realistic, we are probably not going to pull mythic; if you are a badass who only wants to raid mythic, this is not the right place to shop.

If you’re a capable raider that doesn’t mind the wipes and can hold your own in heroic, we’d love for you to help us stop rolling the pug roulette wheel. Join link is below so hop on in and say hello.