[A] WEEKEND 10 main Raid for Nathria

Hello everyone! A small group of world top 100 raiders from BC are aiming to raid 10 man. We’re older and our schedules are limited. We miss the comradery and synergy and friendships that 10 man creates.

The raid times will be from 2:00-5:00pm on Saturday and Sunday.

We are looking for nice people, and competent players who know their class, who min/max, read boss strats and aren’t afraid to wipe. We’re looking for all roles atm. Plus, you can stay on your server, in the guild you’re already in-no need to transfer!

1 tank
1 healer
1 dps/offhealer
3 high damage deeps.

Thank you!

If interested please message Sephira #1771.