A Vow for Stormpike’s Honor (premade AV)

I, Mizriz, will make a vow. A sacred vow made for sanity and honesty. A vow that will guide my actions and inform those who follow me to war. Perhaps even those who don’t. Hear me and understand.

Years ago the evil Hydra reared its ugly head on the BG forums. Attacked our all time most beloved poster the goodly Mistwidget. The atrocities that were committed were too much for these bg forums to bare.

We rose up united on the sacred day June 13th, and brought them an AV wargames challenge that they refused. Exposing the cowardly nature of their leaders, and sending rippling shockwaves through their ranks. I decided that day what I would do. What we had to do.

I announced my intentions to premade AV regularly with whoever would join me. That we might defeat the ugly beast and protect the innocent people of The Alliance from horde tyranny in Alterac Valley.

and we saw it done. The Stormpike Militia rose up from the trampled snows. And a few years later there was no more horde premade AV resistance. So I laid down mine weapons and made peace in AV.

But I was blinded by idleness. I was deceived and made to feel restful. Without my knowledge the horde had begun their vile activities again. The snows of the Alterac Mountains were stained with their filth once again!

Now my path is clear to me. I, Mizriz Snow, Lieutenant Commander, Minister of Truth, Slayer of the Hydra, Defender of the Alliance, do solemnly make two vows. One for the glory of The Alliance and one for the honor of Stormpike. I shall defeat these horde premades. Pirates and alliance slayers all. I shall defeat them, and when there are no more premades to fight. Then I will rest mine weapons once again. I shall fulfill this second vow and premade AV no more.

Glory for Stormpike!
And Glory for The Alliance!


I can help you out bud, if you’re looking to join a bg community that does epics hit me up and ill get you in on alliance.


Yeah, you need all the AV help you can get Toothless! LMAO.

OP, DJL welcomes some alliance that squeal and wriggle when we murder em. We love a good AV, tis our favorite bg as well.


I appreciate the offer, but that won’t be necessary. I’m sure we’ll see each other in AV though

ya bud, your so called premade is the worse out of all the horde communities, when was the last time you guys actually beat me? cause i dont remember :man_shrugging: :man_shrugging: :man_facepalming:
im Just reaching out and helping a fellow alliance player giving him connections, i dont need hes help


Please try to queue snipe them so not too many pug groups get caught in the crossfire. We need you to defeat the evil without becoming the evil


The monk that launched a thousand ships.

A date which will live in antonym-of-infamy.



What happens when you face Horde pugs?

You must be at least this tall to ride.


And they called us out up there bud, see the word pirate? I do. Challenge accepted.

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We’ll turn them into collateral damage. As quick as we can

You don’t need to justify prmading BGs. If you want to do it go for it. You will be killing lots of ‘innocent’ horde as well. I guess horde premades will have to rise up to stop your ‘atrocities’ and protect the horde lol. Whatever you got to tell yourself.

Don’t know if I’ve seen a weirder amount of cringe than Torturekilla having people come to the forums to hype up their terrible community.

Nobody asked anyone to do anything…

I’m delighted to find horde premades around to fight. It was boring after Prime Premades stopped playing in Legion

I don’t condemn anyone for premading BGs. But I condemned hydra for their extreme toxicity

Hey, do you have a community/guild that does premade epics, or is it just you rn?

I bet you wish you didn’t DUMP THE FRAAM!!!
Oh well? Live and learn!!!

You played alliance?

People who speak in third person creep me out. I don’t know why. It’s just creepy.

Dear Mizriz whoever you are,

I have seen this a thousand times. An innocent person wishing to right the wrongs of the evil premades by becoming one themselves. What nonsense! Where do you get off? People like you make me sick. What about all the poor pugs you trample in the process? How many vicitms must there be before your thirst is sated you pathetic excuse for a member of the noble Alliance. What would King Wrynn say if her were still alive? I shudder to think…

I heard SPM stacks Druids and gy farms the innocent. They also infiltrate other premades discords and spy on them. Biggest bunch of hypocrites out there. How many of you are there MISS-RIZ? Tell me so I can hunt you down if you are man enough to face me on the battlefield.

It is called ACTING in Character. FRAAM is a character I am Creating!!!
I am a Streamer learning the ROPE’S, so to SPEAK!!!
Ty ty ty ty ty ty Ty Ty Much Thank’s!!! FRAAM is doing a great JOB evidently!!!