[A] Volatile 11/12M LF Quality Dps


We’re Volatile of Whisperwind. We’re a long standing stable guild with many members being together for 7+ years. Currently 11/12M. We always strive to create a relaxed but focused atmosphere to appease both our more casual members and our raid focused members. We’re looking to finish the tier and move into Shadowlands with a strong core!

Current needs: (Bolded being most desired)
Fire Mage
Fury/Arms warr
Ele sham
Shadow priest
Balance druid

Will consider any exceptional players even if your class/spec isn’t listed, we go for the player not the class

Even if you aren’t looking to raid full time, we’ll consider more casual players to fill spots or just hang out with. :slight_smile: We love to do stuff outside of raid including M+, PVP, mount, mog and achievement runs.

Raid days:
Tues Optional Heroic N’zoth 8pm EST
Weds 8-11pm EST
Thurs 8-11pm EST

Hope to hear back from you! Feel free to get in contact with any of the below.
Shestrouble#1147 / Shestrouble#0286
Ansys#11790 / Ansys#9073
Kiwi#1619 / Kiwi#1619
Stormed#11374 / Didi#3476

Guild website: (http)://thegamedayers.com/volatile/
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Looking for those sweet ranged dps to help us get that last edge we need to finish the tier!

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