[A] [US] Weekend Morning Guild Heroic SoD

GoD is a casual raiding/m+ guild looking for DPS for our raid team. We raid Saturday morning 8am-11am EST. We are progressing through Heroic right now. Currently 9/10H

We don’t take ourselves too seriously and prioritize everyone having fun playing what they like. This isn’t to say we don’t care if we kill bosses or underperform. We still do everything we can to get it done but not by benching anyone or raging in Discord.

Currently, we are in need of All Roles. Class doesn’t really matter to us we just want you to be able to have fun. We ask that you be around 230 ilvl since we are progressing through heroic Sylv.

Reply here or DM with any questions and I’d be happy to answer them.

Btag: Ruqua#1111 Discord: Ruqua#9062

Still looking for healers!!

Looking for more heals!

Show me some heals!!

LF some dps as well. Mages and Rogues

Looking for more morning raiders

hello, i recently moved and am in search of a guild that raids and plays in the mornings. i currently am playing a MW. i sent you a bnet request. my btag is Zeph#1168. i currently play on the horde side but am willing to faction change.

Morning, Would be interested in talking to you about raiding. I am a returning player that has to many 60s hovering around ~ 200-210 ilevel, stopped at the start of 9.1. Would prefer to play dps

bnet Dhragon#11330
Discord Dhragon#0349

Hey, nice chatting with you!! Keep me posted

Thanks for reaching out! You both are a great addition to our team!

Room for a rogue?


Heck yeah!! Add my btag Ruqua#1111 or on discord Ruqua#9062

Resto druid here. What server are you on? (Im currently on mobile and might just be missing it). Are you looking for a healer any more?

I work nights so im looking for a guild that will take a healer who is available 730am to noon CST. Was AOTC in nathria. I come to raids fully researched and prepared with consumes. Available early mornings all week, and late nights sunday and monday.

I am willing to make a server and faction transfer if the fit is right.

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Hey! Add my Btag and lets chat

Still room for DPS, S Priests and Rogues

LF those elusive rogues and S Priests lol. All others are welcome too

Always recruiting exceptional DPS!

LF more DPS

Looking for All, If your a morning raider HMU

Come all, Bumping it up