225 5/10H S/H Priest LF Guild

Hello everyone <3. I recently returned after a break and am catching up on everything. I’m 218ilvl, got AOTC in CN, some mythic progression in BFA, raided in EP, and way back in MoP. I have played since TBC, and have way too much time in the game to just dump it now. I bring jokes, some dirty some clean, a helpful attitude ready to help you grind those choreghast runs for your new toons leggo, and just a nice chill person =). My available times are 6-10:30CST every day. I also have a rogue I could alt/play sometimes. I grinded 30 keys in 48 hours in BFA to get this toon geared, and I have no problems doing it again to get ready for heroic SoD. I want to get back into mythic but guild issues have prevented me from doing so. I love pushing higher keys and also doing PvP(have been 1800+ all but 3 seasons since MoP due to quitting in legion). Look forward to chatting with yall! Reach out @ Tasdina#1623

Hi Tasdina!

MGB (10/10H AOTC) will be taking on Mythic Tarragrue on Tuesday at 8:30 Eastern!

Guild Environment:
We are a mature all around guild with the largest social community in our server faction. We are mainly focused on raiding progression but during non-raid days we dabble in high-end PvP and M+ content as well.

Raid Team:
Our raiding goals are to grow our team and take down all the Mythic bosses we can!! Off-meta specs and covenants are welcome if you can play them well. We foster learning and improvement in our raid group but we will bench players when needed in order to kill a boss.

What we’re looking for:
Any strong players but especially a Death Knight, Druid, Monk, Priest, Rogue, or Warrior.

Raid Times/Days: Tuesday/Thursday 8:30 pm Eastern to 11:30 pm Eastern


VODs of our raids: https://www.twitch.tv/deadliftsc

Message us if you’re interested in joining!!

Discord: Ali_A#1167
Discord: Deadlift#4338

Descendants of Lore is recruiting. I will leave our spam below and if you feel like you would like to talk more please feel free to add me to battlenet or discord:

[A] Descendants of Lore is a semi-casual Alliance raiding guild on Khadgar/Alleria/Exodar/Medivh that has been around and consistently raiding since Vanilla (15 + Years). We are a small to medium sized, close-knit guild of friendly, mature players, with the majority being over the age of 30 with, jobs, families, and adult responsibilities. We are careful with recruiting so no one gets lost in the crowd and everyone has a raid spot.

We offer a laid back environment with dedicated players willing to put in the work to succeed but not at the expense of fun or sanity. We are currently:

6/10 H
10/10 N

We make a push for Heroic each expansion and sometime dip a toe into a Mythic boss or two when we have the roster.

We raid Sundays from 4pm-8pm CST. (2-6 pm Pacific) and every other Saturday with plenty of opportunities for Mythic + throughout the week.

We are looking for mature, friendly, active, and dedicated players to join us for Shadowlands and beyond.

If you wish to raid, we expect you to come prepared (food, flasks, enchants, gems, know your class and rotation) and on time, come with a good attitude and know how to wipe with dignity and work towards progress.

We will accept anyone who would be a good fit for our guild, and can currently accommodate almost any class, but are especially looking for DPS with special attention given to Death Knight and Fury/Arms Warriors to round out our raid team. Also, may have room for 1 experienced raid tank. We are consistently raiding, but working to get our raid group back up to 20 people.

If you have made it past the novella, please consider us if you are looking for a fun and friendly environment with an established, long term guild that doesn’t tolerate drama. Or if you are looking for a raid experience filled with silliness and dad jokes.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or wish to consider Descendants of Lore as your new home.

Battlenet: Daveta#1154
Discord: Daveta#5455

Well met friend!

I think reprisal could be a great fit for you! We push plenty of keys have a few interested in PVP and always get AOTC. You can see our whole recruitment post below and how to contact me at the end!

Go with honor friend!



We are a heroic progression guild and AOTC is our main focus throughout the expansion. We consider doing mythic bosses after heroic progression but it is not always guaranteed. As a guild we love to run high level mythic+ alongside progression raiding. After progression we do many different guild events such as old content achievement runs, transmog runs, and Alt raids for the current tier. We are all a committed and driven group but we love to have fun while doing so.

Raid Schedule

Day of Week Starting Time Ending Time
Tuesday 7:00 PM CST / 8:00 PM EST 9:30 PM CST / 10:30 PM EST
Thursday 7:00 PM CST / 8:00 PM EST 9:30 PM CST / 10:30 PM EST

Shadowlands Progression

  • Sanctum of Domination: 7/10H
  • Castle Nathria: 10/10H Ahead of the Curve

Mythic+ Schedule

We are also recruiting any and all roles/specs for our mythic plus runs. ( You do NOT need to be a raider to join mythic+) The more the merrier. We setup groups of 5 for players interested in having a committed group to push higher level keys with. We also offer mythic plus fill groups to help people run lower and higher keys who can’t commit to a group or just want to start running mythics on their alt or alt spec.

Day of Week Starting Time Ending Time
Wednesday 7:00 PM CST / 8:00 PM EST Whenever( Up to each group)
Sunday 7:00 PM CST / 8:00 PM EST Whenever

Raid Recruitment Needs

Very High

Healer: Monk, Shaman, or Disc Priest


  • Death Knight (DPS/ Tank)
  • Demon Hunter (DPS/Tank)
  • DPS/ Healers with Strong opposing off specs (ie Healer with a strong DPS spec)

Any strong applicants are encouraged to apply. We are always looking for strong and loyal players to help round out our teams and guild. If you are a DPS or Healer with a strong off spec we also encourage you to apply as we are always looking for versatile players who can fill gaps in the group.
Reprisal offers repairs based on guild rank and consumables (Cauldrons and Feasts) for each raid night. We also offer Mythic+ groups, and guild events. We welcome and support all people for who they are and do not tolerate discrimination or bullying of any kind.

For more information about Reprisal, please visit

To apply, please message Atolanos-Whisperwind to get started. All new recruits require trial on a “farm” raid night, usually Tuesday night, before being offered an official raid spot.


Name Role BattleTag Discord
Atolanos Recruiter DrProfessor#1263 Atolanos#4414

Hello there Tasdina, You sound like you would be a great addition to our group if you are still looking for a new place to call home. Please feel free to msg me thru btag: Kitsune#1784 or discord: Sinafay#3443, and we can see if we would be a great fit for each other.
Look forward to possibly hearing from you =)

Hello, we raid casually once a week on Saturdays, currently in need of a shadow priest

Still searching

Hi Tasdina!

We could absolutely use a SP and given what you had to say I’d love to talk to you about some stuff. Please see the word vomit below about us, and please reach out to me on discord or bnet to talk as I think we may be exactly what you’re looking for! Hope to talk soon!

Raid Nights:
Tues/Thurs 7:30 - 10:30 EST.
Needs: Open to all positions as we have plenty of alts and secondary mains to shift around positions as needed. Looking for 2-3 bodies to finish off Mythic roster.

Lite Brite is a long time Zul’Jin guild comprised of a close knit group of friends who, as a guild, have been playing together for 6+ years. Some in the guild have known each other up to 15 years, with many close-knit groups of friends in the guild.

Comprised of Mythic Raiders, CE raiders, and those a bit more on the casual side, our guild has taken a more casual approach to the game, in that we ONLY raid 2 nights a week, and are no longer going to kill ourselves to progress.

Most in the guild are in their late 20s and 30s, and have been around the block raiding more than a few times.

Currently looking for 2-3 bodies to flush out our Mythic Roster and begin pushing through the content.

Must have a social attitude, with a warped sense of humor, able to take a joke, with the dps/logs to back it up. We’re more concerned about people fitting in with the guild than we are their mindless ability to push buttons.

You don’t have to be a past mythic raider as long as you are willing to put in the time and effort to make the jump for yourself and have some logs to support it.

Contact #Pouty1295 on bnet or Pouty#8575 in discord for additional information. And if you remember Pouty Brand Gems™ - Yep that’s me!

Hey Tasdina,

The guild I’m in is recruiting. We’re 7/10h with an aotc goal… We may/may not dabble in mythic but definitely do not have ce on our horizon. We raid efficiently though and have a lot of fun together.

We’re looking to grow our roster with active players of all kinds like raiders, dungeon runners, alt addicts, returning players, soloists and more. We have people of varying skill levels who enjoy the game in different ways - I like m+ but I raid too for example.

Check out my recruitment post below and reach out via Btag if you’d like to chat more!

Hi there Tasdina. My guild Inverse Logic on Thrall could use another healer, esp one who can hybrid. If you’re considering a faction change, check us out. We are AOTC focused but do get into mythic for fun. Currently 9/10H 1/10M SoD. If you’re interested, feel free to message me. Btag/discord both are Blyss#1722

Hey Tasdina! I see there’s lotsa interest and Weekenders are more than happy than to mix it up and try to recruit ya!

One thing that will set us apart from others: if you are uncertain about doing a server xfer, we have a core of players that raid with us from other servers, community style. It’s the new “raid meta” from what I have seen. It’s not pugging, it’s consistent raiding with a group while saving yourself $25! Think about it! Check out our times and there’s no harm in joining us for a raid or two, then deciding, right? If you decide to guild with us, of course you get all the guild perks, like repairs, food/flasks, and the like! Look forward to hearing from you!

Hey Tasdina. :slight_smile: Chaos Legacy might be a good fit for you – our raid times may work out too (8-11pm eastern on Sun/Mon). Our recruitment post is below. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions! Discord - Severinne#3611


Hey, hit me up on discord Sny#0322

Would love to chat and i think our times align well with yah.

Hey Tasdina,

If horde isn’t off the table give us a look. We fit your times and very much would like to add a priest to our roster. We’re 10/10H, 1/10M looking to push more into mythic. We’re not CE but enjoy pushing as far as we can/want! Tue & Thu 7-10 CST. Add me!
Discord: Jaystir#1204

Hey Tas!

I would like to invite you to check us out: Delete this please - #6 by Horacio-lothar

We’re a group of 30+ players who have build a tight-knit community of positive and supportive people who raid, do M+ and spend too much time at work posting memes on Discord. We have some exceptional players, some casual players and tryhards like me.

I would also like to invite you to our open raid tonight at 8pm EST for normal SoD. We usually blast through on Wednesday nights with alts, recruits, friends of the guild, etc. BYOB. Contact us by joining the community liked in the post above or hitting me on Battle.net: Horacio#1828 or Lena#1459. Or find me on Discord: Horacio#7855 because I pretty hang out there all day while at work.

Look forward to hearing from you!

Still searching

Hi everyone! Do Not Release is a horde guild on Mal’Ganis and we are looking for a couple of flex players to help fill in a tank or healing spot where needed, we are looking for people to fill some our roster spots that can flex into a tank or heal role.

We are currently 10/10 Heroic and 3/10 Mythic. We are looking for some recruit that will help keep all of the positions competitive as well as filling in as needed. We are and AOTC and KSM focused guild, with some mythic progression mixed in there. We have a highly active community with players pushing +20 keys as well as anything lower, and looking to expand on keys higher that +20’s.

Our raid days are Tuesday and Wednesday from 8:30-11:30 EST (7:30-10:30 CT)

Priority needs: Shadow Priest, DPS Shaman with Heal off spec, DPS DK and any other outstanding DPS looking to get AOTC, KSM and beyond. Also looking for any and all social members to join to hang out and chat with.

We’re a group of players that have been together for awhile now and have been through a lot of guild drama but came out stronger and continuously surprise ourselves with our ability to progress. We have a very active guild discord and community there is always someone around to play with.

If this sounds like something that fits what you are looking for don’t be afraid to reach out us on either discord:


Or Battle.net


I’ll put this up for this person instead of them biting your head off thinking they want to heal. He/she does not want to heal. Instead they’ll leave this post up, be a complete dick to you for reaching out, then block you. Have a nice one!

Lmao. Okay <3 you were the only one who even thought I wanted to main a healer. And you were also the only one I was rude to. Think its a you issue love.