[A]<Transceñd> Retired mythic guild now/ Downgrading to Heroic only content for the future tiers/ LF all players to fill our roster

About Us:
As of last guild meeting (10/17/19) We are now a Retired Mythic Guild, that will focus on clearing new Tier Heroic content gaining AOTC as quickly as possible for future progression, community, pushing keys and having other fun events planned within our guild Contact for more info.

We are drama-free guild that just wants to play to have fun and get bosses down. We have a very strong and close guild community; everyone is someone here in Transceñd. We are very active, we do Mythic plus weekly, we obtain current raid achievement mounts since we have been formed, we do contests, guild bank repairs,food and flask are provided.

Raid tiers:
TEP M 4/8, 8/8 H, 8/8 N
COS= H 2/2
BOD= 6/9 M, 9/9 H, 9/9 N (Glory of the Battle of Dazar’alor obtained)
Uldir= 5/8 M, 8/8 H, 8/8 N (Glory of the Uldir mount obtained)
ABT= 5/11 M, 11/11 H, 11/11 N (Glory of the Antorus mount obtained)
Please feel free to check out our website:guildsofwow.com/transcended
WOW Progress: ~https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/stormrage/Transceñd

Raid Times:
Tues & Thursday 8-11pm EST. for Progression Raids (subject to change will post new structure for upcoming tier in a few weeks)
Sunday 9-11 pm EST for an alt run I.e Normal/ Heroic for others in the guild to be able to see raiding or end game content.


Tank specs:
Dk: low
Palladin: low
Warrior: Medium

Melee classes:
Dk: Medium
Warrior- High
Demonhunter- Medium
Enhance Shaman-medium
Pally ret-Medium

Ranged classes:
Elemental S: High
Lock- Low

Healer classes:
Priest-High (disc)
Resto druid- Medium

As listed above those are just our high in-demand classes and specs we are looking for an immediate trial and core position. However if you do not see your class and spec listed don’t let that discourage you from still reaching out and applying. We are currently Openly recruiting all for the new raid upcoming, and for mythic plus grinding, and even having a few more social members joining us as well. (updated Oct. 23, 2019)

Have some questions for me? Please feel free to add me on
BT: Brittster#1804 or through
Discord= Jahharra#9913(fastest method of response)

Coming from a different server or faction and nervous about spending real money to a guild you know nothing about? Well I encourage people to join our guild discord and feel us out to make sure we are going to be a good fit for you before making the full commitment in hopping servers. Being comfortable and having fun is a big thing we strive for here.

Thanks We look forward to hearing from you
-Jah (GM)
Contacts: Gm:Jahharra(Bt:Brittster#1804) Officers: Incinerette(BT:(Incin#11203), Mefisto (Meffisto#1809), Raidleads: Dairylarry, Resource Manager:Arç

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still looking

Share them mana buns, warrior buff and broken S. priest damage buffs

hit us up!!

Still looking for solid folks for core spots!!

Looking for a Boomkin, S priest, Mage , or Ele shaman , and fury warrior spots open to trial for Mythic core team at this time. Reach out to Discord: Jahharra#9913 for more info or, SmashZero to set up a day to chat Thanks

We have now went down to a 2 day 3 hour mythic raiding schedule. New days and times are as follows (Tuesday & Thursday 8-11pm est )

We are now retiring from mythic content here in this guild Transceñd, I am(Jahharra) currently rebuilding structure for upcoming tier ( Ny’alotha Raid) our goal pushing AOTC as fast as possible. Focusing more on guild community, mythic plus keys and other in guild events will be our priorities. I will have everything updated in a few weeks time, and recruiting for all Positions. Thanks for any questions please reach out to
Discord: Jahharra#9913
Battle Tag: Brittster#1804

When the time comes, let me know if you are still @ 2 days!!! I will be raiding next pak <3