[A] The Order of the Lion

The Order of the Lion - Newer guild seeking quality players to help establish ourselves. Friendly casual social atmosphere - including Roleplay, PvP, Mythic+ and more.

General Guild Concept : All play styles and experience levels are welcomed under our banner. While the guild itself is a “casual” atmosphere, you will find members of the guild who participate in all aspects of the game, from PvP, Dungeons and Raids, to Role-play. If you are interested in any part of the game, just ask in chat and chances are that there will be members who share your interest and join you!

Members are not held to commit to any aspect of the game, including role-play. Ultimately, we play WoW to relax, unwind, and have fun. For that reason - drama, rage, and other such undesirable behavior has no place in this guild.

For the purpose of immersion in the World of Warcraft : The Order of the Lion is a semi-secretive organization of heroes from the far corners of Azeroth and beyond. Formed during the Fourth War and sanctioned by the leaders of the Alliance, the Order protects the assets and furthers the interests of the Alliance.

For more information, message or mail me in-game for more information and a link to our guild website!

U shoulld disband guild and joiin agresssor. Plz. We willl pay:)

While I appreciate the free bump, no thanks Agg =P