[A] <The Legal Bananas> is a NEW social/casual guild, welcoming new & veteran players, alike!

Hey everyone! ]The Legal Bananas[ is a new guild on Stormrage alliance seeking new & veteran players, alike! We are primarily a social/casual guild looking for more members to make friends with & talk to in our discord server while leveling in Azeroth or doing pvp or whatever strikes our fancy!

We are made up of 2 veteran players & 2 n00bs! We accept everyone whether you’re a n00b or a vet!

Lately we’ve been doing low level dungeons together while we level up our new toons.

If interested please add my discord: FluffyPanda#6738

Can’t wait to meet all of you!

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Hello, high level me again! I’d like to note that we DO plan to raid… but we’re not anywhere near that yet! Everyone is still leveling up! Someone did come forward & offer to raid lead tho, & we also want to have an RBG team! I am the master at social events so def expect scavenger hunts, hide & seek in SW, WoW lawn darts & monthly lotto’s! We have a guild bank tab full of pets & shirts to give out as prizes, too! Come check us out! :heart:

Here is my official recruitment post:

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Just thought I’d post an update that our raid days changed due to one of our raid leaders getting a new job. We are TENTATIVELY going to raid on Wed/Thurs evening from 7-10pm EST! Still looking for more!

Awesome guild! Great for voice chatting and helpful for new players. Also have lots of people doing endgame stuff also!

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Looking for regular members & people who want to raid! We are in need of some dps!

Still looking for more friends to join us! :heart:

Our first raid will HOPEFULLY be July 13th & 14th @ 7-10pm EST

Is raiding a requirement