[A] The Church 5/10M Tu/Wed 6:30-9:30PM

Please delete this thread as my guild is leaving Proudmoore.

Bump looking for hunters, mages, and dk

Bump it up!

Still recruiting death knights, hunters, and mages!

looking for that dk, hunter, and mage

Unholy DK here…only 3/10H CN and ilvl 200, but know my class/spec very well and I learn raid mechanics quickly

My btag is buckeyes#11437; will add one of you and hopefully we can chat soon.

Got mythic Huntsman down, still looking for quality players to help us push further!

Join us we don’t bite

Back to the top; we’re trying to satisfy a hungry Destroyer and could use some help!

looking for that hunter, mage, dk and range

Still looking for quality DPS.

Still recruiting ranged DPS, fire mages and hunters mostly!

looking for the range

anyone got range? or a dk?

We also have M+ and cookies.

Come join us progress through mythic!

I was told to come here for something. A bump maybe? Still looking.

To the moon!

bumping for the peeps

looking for more for our mythic team