[A] The Church 5/10M Tu/Wed 6:30-9:30PM

still looking for dps

Mythic Artificer down, still looking for quality DPS to help us knock out Sun King and Lady Darkvein.

Recruitment needs updated; feel free to reach out!

Mythic Lady Darkvein down, come help us push further!

Need healers and a DK

lf healer, dk and range

Now 6/10, come help us knock over Council of Blood!

looking for a few more dps

bump up the dps

looking for the deeps

In all of my years of playing wow, your guild is still the worst experience I’ve had. Full of condescending, rude, arrogant, toxic, selfish people. Posting on the character I used to play with. Sammich was cool though.

lf dps - health potions provide by me

Recruitment needs updated.

Needs updated; currently 3/10 H.

Now 5/10 H.

6/10 Heroic, and starting mythic within 2 weeks, feel free to reach out.

Now 1/10 M!

2/10 Mythic what more can you ask for… 3/10?!

Class needs now updated.

Still looking to push Mythic apply now!