[A] The Bleak Spire - Since 2017

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We’re a fun group. We enjoy friendly role-players as well has interesting/chill people in general.


The guild will be starting a storyline in Duskwood soon!


Thank you for having me during last night’s event. It’s a wonderful start to being within the guild. I’m eager to have more interaction with everyone around and learn of those in the Order. <3


Glad too have you here with us! It was a pretty big event, and they’ll keep on coming!


After searching for clues in Duskwood relating to the disappearances, the Order of the Bleak Spire came across a number of peculiar findings, such as two insane and mysterious men, as well as a hidden unholy grimoire. This led them to widening their search to the Raven Hill cemetery. In the company of additional aid, the group delved into the old, crumbling catacombs that sprawl underneath the graveyard. After fighting off hordes of undead to gain access, the Bleak Spire quickly licked their wounds and pressed on further, engaging in a fight with another lunatic in the narrow tunnels, who seemed to have the same characteristics as the ones seen before. Quickly slaying the man, the group came upon the lair of an undead necromancer. Corpses of unknown victims piled along the walls, awaiting reanimation. With haste, the battle-ready group repelled his magics and cut through his defense before Munderic Kuechler placed the necromancer under arrest, and with Dame Saralotte Bishop’s direction, brought the undead to Northshire Abbey where he awaits interrogation.


Since I joined the Bleak Spire, I’ve had the pleasure of interacting with some very grounded and interesting characters that my knight has had to work alongside with, meanwhile meeting some new and chill people in the guild. The roleplay is fantastic!

Thanks to the Residuum of Icecrown, Royal Arcanum, Citrine Eagle, and more for an awesome event.

While the Residuum is still at large, we will be delaying our departure from the city.

A friend of mine and I are very interested in joining your guild, love to get in contact sometime and setup RP.

Myself as well, having seen this post now. Very much enjoyed the read, it was informative and also to the point. Hopefully i’ll be in touch shortly!

Hope to see you guys joining soon!

On another note, RIP Aveline’s finger. Don’t diddle a Demon Hunter’s doodle.

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I love these guys, even if I’m down a finger.

The Bleak Spire heads to Alterac! The journey will be headed across the Eastern Kingdoms!

Like World RP? Hit us up!

Zealots! But Good zealots!

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We’re friendly zealots :frowning:

These are good beans, from what I’ve seen of them so far. :slight_smile:

Zealous beans.

Dear Mordoc,

Please buy me a new eye.

Thank you,


Good, zealous beans.

Also, Munderic has a shiny head. (:

All the stabbings in the cathedral!

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