[A] The Bleak Spire - Since 2017

We’ll stab you soon, boy.

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:concern: :greatconcern: :pinchy:

The Bleak Spire has returned! We will be out and about while we pick back up after nearly six months away from the guild. Feel free to roleplay with us. Interested in joining? Whisper myself, Ulricus, or Colette!


Yay! We’re back, boys and girls!


At the end of this week, the Bleak Spire departs for Kalimdor to do battle with the forces of N’zoth. What could possibly go wrong?

oops wrong toon… haha

Answer to previous question; a lot could go wrong.

Many Dorime, Much Ameno, Very Latire

We definitely didn’t partake in the beatings of several void elves in the streets last night…