[A] <The Ashen Vale> - RP, PVE and more! ✨

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Crisp parchments posted on the walls
Cathedrals, inns, taverns, stalls
The Ashen Vale puts out the call–

To the able-bodied who share our cause
Those who would stand within enemy jaws

We call to you
Sound of spirit
Will of might

We welcome you
Join our fight
Set things right

Soldiers, healers, menders of souls
From all walks of life, we hail

For Honor!

For Justice!

The Ashen Vale!

Who We Are

We are a group of friends who were looking for more out of their wow experience. We want to foster a kind and welcoming community of players from all experience levels and with varying interests and unite them and most importantly have fun! We are a mostly older crowd and our guild motto is “Real life comes first, always” as most of us have full time jobs, school, or families (and sometimes all three!) and we completely understand that this is a game.

What We Do

We do a little bit of everything under the sun, but our main focus are RP and WPVP/RPPVP. We have a light PVE focus with hopes for expansion soon. We run weekly RP and WPVP events.

We have a variety of people from all time zones, but our primary event times are around 8pm server (Central Time) Peak hours are between approximately 7pm-12am

For anyone interested in joining please check out our website for our full Guild Code of Conduct, as well as more information about our storylines and campaigns. Please feel free to message myself or any of our officers for additional information or questions!


Elune Light Your Path,

–Aeriara Lightsong
Discord - Aeriara#5223


The Ashen Vale guild is one of the best alliance guilds to be a part of hands down or paws if you are a :tiger: feral druid :cat: .


We are proudly casual here at TAV and our motto here is “Real Life first, always.”

TLDR: If you love RP, WPvP, and M+ come give us a try!


Amazing friendships, fun events, and hanging with our brothers and sisters in the Ashen Vale is always fun to log into. For the Vale!


A very humble group that’s always looking for a good time. Couldn’t ask for anything better.


A really easy place to be and feel welcomed no matter what content you’re into. Great group of people!


Welcome to all the new members of the crew. Glad to have you join us in decimating the Horde and Sylvanas. For the Vale!


You say you decimate horde yet I remain unconvinced.

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You’re our new number one. See you on the battlefield /salute.

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Neat people in this guild, always wanted to join this guild but horde main unfortunately.


Oh, number one what my good sir? salutes back


As far as purple longears are concerned, The Ashen Vale are definitely some of the good ones.


Can I be number 3?

I’d say number 2 but I’m humble unlike some orcs


We have had a huge influx of new members over the last month and want to put our recruitment efforts on pause so we can have an opportunity to get to know everyone! Thank you all for your continued support. <3


Awwww… #3 is always good.

Sommer notes the name on a piece of parchment under who will be the next victim; smiles to herself and vanishes back into the forest.


posting in a casual thread


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I’d love to join whenever you guys start recruiting again!

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Interested in joining-PM me or I’ll look for one of your officers when I get online!

Hello! We’ve officially opened back up for recruitment. Please see our website above for information about the guild and reach out to myself or an officer if interested in joining! <3 Thank you!!

If i was not dead…

rp aside great guys to rp with. I may have to make an elf soon.