• looking for a few DPS and a couple heals for the one raid team currently established
  • SotFO 2/11M 11/11H (SoD 4/10M 10/10H)
  • Raid times: Tuesday/Wednesday, 8 PM - 11 PM PST | 10 PM - 1 AM CST | 11 PM - 2 AM EST

Greetings! <TERRIBLE> is a new-ish guild with a nearly full, stable team. We are looking primarily for DPS, with a few healing slots open (tank positions filled), and weā€™d love to have flex players (spec swapping to fill another role). We are also seeking more for M+.

Please contact the following if interested at:

  • Aureo#11138 (Bnet) | Aureo#2521 (Discord)
  • Mindrelody#1354 (Bnet) | Mindrelody#2833 (Discord)
  • Gnimms#1104 (Bnet) | Gnimms#2352 (Discord)

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Pretend that other Gnimms is this Gnimms >.>

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Finally got over our hurdle: 4/10M this past week. \o/

Waiting for 9.2 to drop, join us from the start of a tier proper!

WTB a Priest lol

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i like to run alot of mythic plus and i have multiple toons. is there anything you are looking for specifically or are u still looking for people?

Are you all interested in a H priest. Those times work for me.

Rest in peace <T E R R I B L E>. Long live <TERRIBLE>!

im interested very reliable and have exp

Heya, tried to reach you in-game today. I am not good at checking the forums as often as I should. Reach to me on Bnet or Discord, we can talk more there.

Hi! Im a warlock LF a guild that does stuff starting around 11PM EST and would be interested if I would be a fit or not! Im geared for pvp currently but wouldnt mind putting in the work to get geared for raiding and m+. My discord is Clutchboytroy#2025