(A) |Tavern| - Where everbody knows your name!


… Sometimes you want to go
Where everybody knows your name
And they’re always glad you came
You want to be where you can see
Our troubles are all the same
You want to be where everybody knows your name

Tavern is a small community focused guild here on Dalaran that does a little of everything.
(The guild numbers in armory will be reduced shortly to get ready for Dragonflight)

Event info:
Wednesday 8:00PM - Normal Community Night! Alts are welcome and you only need 370ilvl to come. Bring Whiskey.
Thursday 8:00 PM - Heroic Community Night! 385ilvl and Tier Sets required, but still open and casual!
Sunday 8:00PM - Our Progression Raid Night! This is a smaller progression focused team.
Friday 9:00PM - Community Game Night! We play party games like Jackbox, poker, board games whatever people wanna do.
Monday 8:00PM - Mythic+ Night! We have groups for learning and pushing.
Grab a drink and come Raid with us!

  • We have weekly community events ranging from Casino Night, Jackbox night, Trivia night, Old raid running, Events with Prizes, etc.

  • We have a Mythic+ Officer, run mythic+ very frequently.

  • We host a Quarterly 1v1 Tournament in which everyone comes hang out somewhere in game and we crown a Guild Champion.

  • We Do Drunk Battleground Friday Nights. If we remember to.

  • We have a Modded Minecraft Server that is for Guild members only. Right now its running Sevtech, 1 week old.

What else do we offer?

  • Social and Active Discord
  • Guild Repairs for all members
  • Raid Consumeables provided
  • A unique “Guild Store” setup and a Free for all tab
  • Non-toxic laid back Raid environment

Hit me up on Discord:

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Bump. Hit me up on discord if you’d like to run mythics Caeindra#3462. :smiley:

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idk, im here for the free food that was detailed in the invite to the party

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BUMP it up!! Come hang out & join our shenanigans!

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We also do movie/show nights where we all watch a show in Discord and comment on it “mystery science 3000” style. We recently did all 3 Lord of the Rings.

We also do stuff like … having a Fantasy Football League. We are open to doing stuff like this … we just want to have fun together.

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I’m interested, looking for a new home in DF but your discord name didn’t work. Hope to catch you online or please add me on dis jpitts#0128

Added you! Looking forward to speaking with you.

bumping because awesome guild deserves bumping.

Are you in need for a healer? Ive only healed in mythic + but want to heal raids in DF, would start fresh as i am looking to leave horde

First off, highly commend you for leaving the Bad guys for the good guys! :slight_smile:

We are currently doing a Role-call of sorts to see who all is interested in Raiding in Dragonlandworld. I THINK at the moment we may have a healing spot open, but we will see. If you would like, shoot me a discord invite and ill invite you to the discord if youre interested.

sure no worries lol if no healer spots are open I can re roll a DPS… I will reach out when I get home. Whats your discord name and Ill add you


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Tried messaging you on Discord, but nothing came up for Solofrog#2209. Is that a Discord ID or a Battle Tag?

Edit: The S is lower-case

Bump! Tavern is a wonderful place! The guild leaders have built us a fine place to meet new friends, connect with old friends, raid, and a plethora of other activities.

Great guild! Great friends!