[A] Tèam Rocket Stormrage LF weekend morning raiders!

Tèam Rocket was founded at the beginning of Legion with one goal, do as much content as we can without making this game feel like a secondary job. And to that we have succeeded beautifully. We have managed to finish out Mythic Ny’alotha at 6/12M without compromising our mission statement or having to increase our raid hours! We are very excited to continue this momentum into Shadowlands!

We are currently 10/10H and 1/10M.

Our requirements for raid are simple: Come to raid with a positive attitude, ready to laugh at some memes and have fun while we kill and be killed. Potions, food, knowledge of fights as well as keeping up with the minimum grind outside of raid are also required. But I can’t stress this enough, a positive attitude will always get you further in raids and that is what we are looking for!

Raid times are Saturday/Sunday 9am to Noon(est).

Current needs in Shadowlands is dps of any kind. High needs on the following:

  • Demon Hunter
  • Mage

All are welcome to apply as we would always rather have a player that fits with us rather than a specific class.

If anyone of above sounds like what you are looking for please contact me at Burntlettuce#1968 or contact any online officers for me details.

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Still searching!

Still looking

Still looking for Shadowlands!

Still looking

Bump for Shadowlands! Hopefully we get a release date this week!

Still looking for more in preparation for Shadowlands.

Bump! Really hoping we get a release date announced tomorrow!

Noot Noot! Sill looking for more to round out the roster

October 27th, Shadowlands Hype!

Still searching for some more for Shadowlands!

Still searching for more

added you on BNET, experienced hunter and DK looking for a guild

Excellent! Look forward to speaking to you. Bump!

Still searching, hit us up! We have the most fun and the dankest memes. :slight_smile:

Still looking for more to round out our roster for SL!

Are you looking for a tank?

I apologize, I believe we are full on tanks. We are currently looking for DPS. :slight_smile:

Still looking for more to round out our roster for SL!

It’s been a really long time since we have last bumped this but as we have a better idea what we need now that everyone is leveling and deciding on mains. We currently need one non priest healer to fill out our raiding roster.