A Serious Problem that is not being addressed

Hello guys,

I am writing because we are experiencing a serious problem in the pvp community, and after many expansions there has been little to no effect on addressing the issue. The topic i am talking about is cheating.

Two days ago, It was outed to my by multiple high ranked players in the rbg community that people have grown so bold, they are now streaming the coding of the bots they are selling and distributing to the player population for all to watch.

This problem is a serious problem, and as a developer i recognize that this will probably be here in some shape or form, but its getting really bad in retail wow especially.

I do not want to hear about reporting these actions to hacks@blizzard.com. I do not need you to tell me how to proceed in dealing with reporting the actions of these individuals. Instead my intent here is to notify the mass public, that every single individual over 2.2k cr in rbgs in any season is either directly cheating (but using such programs as bots, scripts, lag 7 etc) Or is aware and complacent that their team members are cheating.

I have had people who have denied cheating, to be doing so clearly on stream on discord On top of the above.

You need to increase the amount of development resources placed in this problem and look into more aggressive ways to dealing with it. Further, as of now i demand that you create a new program that employ’s volunteers from the community that has the job of reporting these events directly to the gm staff, with some level of elevated response and trust that will enable actions to be taken almost immediately on offenders.

One such way you could do this is by creating a secure, private discord channel that these individuals have access to, to report these infractions directly to a blizzard employee(s), or some sort of email that is not hacks@blizzard.com or some special forum (or section there of) that they have special access to that is watched around the clock.

These individuals should be highly trusted, and their word should be strong enough evidence to issue a ban to the player for cheating.

In addition to this, you need to introduce new expanded rules to dealing with actions, including the collection of evidence out side of wow. In some cases you ban people on twitch stream for cheating etc, and take it as a form of direct evidence. This should be extended directly to the point of evidence accetped to remove a player from the game.

An example of how extensive this should be is that if a player is streaming, and an individual admits to cheating, or streaming coding bots for wow, or some other similar situation, and the player reporting streams that and then gets them to move their character, say their characters name, etc there by linking the discord and the wow account, this should suffice as evidence that this player is the one cheating.

In addition to this, I demand that all primary RBG Leads should be permanently removed from the game. They are all cheating. Every single one of them. They are engaged in illegal activities (dos/ddosing) as well as questionable (or illegal) activities like “doxing”.

Basically, If you are 2300+ Cr right now, Your cheating. everyone on the rbg ladder should be banned, and removed from the game permanently as an example of how this type of behavior will not be tolerated.

It’s clear after the last two days of individuals admitting to me they have “4000 clients that buy bots from them” individuals who stream the bot coding, Including teams like “{Removed}” that this is a serious issue, one you are failing to tackle.


It should be noted that the current bot is being done through the addon “{Removed}”. Public knowledge of this must be brought to the attention of blizzard, so that warden can be updated to track this type of behavior which is being cloaked by seemingly legitimately looking addons.

You must take a serious stance at this and try harder at dealing with these individuals. Direct communication that has been given between me and staff members is not providing any results, and it seems that hacks@blizzard.com is an email that has complaints sent to it purely for the purpose of sitting in an email and not being addressed.

Also, dodging is still a thing and it would be really nice if you could a real work at fixing this.

@cs gms,
Please pass this up the ladder to team 2’s director so that it can be taken in some serious capacity.

Then you want the General Discussion forum.

Let us know how that works out for you.


All matters concerning cheating are serious, and are looked into. The best thing to do is to use the right-click report when ingame, or to send as much info as you can to hacks@blizzard.com. There are no GM’s on this forum.


This is a lie that is repeated over and over mean while it is ignored. Its repeated over and over. Player a Cheats, Gets banned, spawns a new account and starts over a day later. meanwhile they sell 4000 bots, and are making 90-100k a month (as they claim) and others are doing carries making 10-15k a month. In addition, all the players doing rbg carries are the ones responsible for RMT in arena also. It is a few individuals causing the mass corruption of the game, its time it gets fixed.

Blizzard needs to implement UID systems to track such things, to automatically issue new bans to the new accounts.

Demanding that Blizzard do something that you want, is not going to get you anywhere, as we all want them to do something differently at some point.

If you have a suggestion, I suggest that you post in the General Discussion forum.


Also, this Forum, is a Customer Support forum, not Customer Service forum. The individuals you interact with here, are other players to help guide you.


If only there was a way to submit demands, err… suggestions, directly to the developers. Perhaps through an in-game interface, maybe in the Help menu.


Hoboy, where to even begin here.

Hi there. Welcome to the Customer Support forum, not the Customer Service forum. Here is a forum for players to reach out and help other players. There are no GMs, no Devs that frequent here. The congenial blues here are SFAs, and unable to do anything you unloaded here so all of your demands fall on deaf ears.

It is also entirely presumptuous to even make such demands, sweet heavens.


Just to be clear, the Support Forum Agents in this forum are not Game Masters. Nor are we liaisons with Development.

I’m sure, as a developer yourself, you obviously know our Developers as well as as our Hacks team are well aware of various cheating, botting, exploitation, etc… they don’t really need to be “passed up the ladder”. Additionally, as a developer yourself, I’m sure you are aware that knowing about something does not always allow you to remove or otherwise eliminate it entirely.

Our Developers and Hacks team, as well as our Support staff, does what we can as we are able to. We will continue to do what we can. If you have any claims you’d like to make, reports of what you believe is an issue with a particular addon or program, character or team, the only appropriate means to report it would be through the hacks@blizzard.com email.

Normally I’d have simply moved this thread to General Discussion, as it does not belong here, but I felt it more important to cover those specific points and allow you to recreate your thread in General Discussion if you wish. I would take out any possible naming of other players or programs/addons though if you do. They are being edited out of your post here, as it is not appropriate to list either.