A serious problem going into Wrath Classic

Haha calm down there, friend. No one is out to get you.

??? What are you talking about. Where did I imply I was worried lol

Wrath is retail bro. Its the beginning of the end. Their is no challenge outside of end game raiding and PvP. People really keep talking about WOTLKC; truth is, Wrath is legit the start of the retail gameplay style. You can pull 4-5 mobs at once and hammer em down leveling. Its retail; understand this, get over it.

Not too many people running dungeons in quest greens anymore. That sunwell gear is pretty amazing comparatively speaking.

A month ago I did blood furnace and it was fun and cool and challenging… now 2 dks and a mage and everything instantly dies. :confused: I barely healed. Rip . I’mma just get to end game and then go back to classic. :cloud_with_rain:

I know keeping up with the sparse and scattered info from the horse’s mouth is rough, but you missed the good news.

ilvl squish has been shelved in favour of ilvl buffs, instead! So uh, maybe Wrath really isn’t the game for you if you thought ilvl squish was a good idea.

That’s a bummer. Idk what fulfillment you get from easy content outside of “my number beeg!”

I like beeg number too, but playing a game with cheats on doesn’t stay fun past a couple hours, if that.

Yo oure probably right, Wrath looks like the game for me, despite Blizzard’s attempts to make it good in the face of screeching wrath bbs.

It is pretty crazy. As time goes on you and others get better at things.

What I don’t understand is why they nerf stuff early in an expansion, when it was originally designed for fresh max level characters. Why nerf when things are perfectly fine. Old players complain because things are too easy and new players are well… new. They don’t know the content the way it was so it still feels the same to them.

Have ya played prepatch? I’m relatively new to playing pve seriously, and the trash and bosses just fall over in literal seconds. It’s funny at first, but not fun for very long at all.

Reducing the only challenging content in the game to achievement heroics and heroic raids (kinda) is just… boring honestly.

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But you are new, so you have no frame of reference here. You’re like a child who wanders into the middle of a movie and wants to know


Mindless power fantasy game with fun mechanics is fun. Idc about big numbers, except my health pool, and if I want a challenge, there’s still plenty of opportunities to self impose them.

But, Elden Ring should have DLC before the end of the year, and I’ve got to get a NG+ up to whatever point that needs.

No…. Ur wrong. Its 100% different. I did bf at lvl 60. Its very different when it was tbc and now. We had to wait and talk and drink before. Idc either way but yall gaslighting so hard. Its very different and feels different. :cloud_with_rain: It has nothing to do with new or old.

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What weak bait. Being relatively new doesn’t imply a lack of understanding here.

Literally this.
Idk how you people pretend that the difficulty of wrath isn’t far below it’s predecessors, and that it’s somehow a good thing for new players if it was.

You legit don’t need to pay attention to mechanics, don’t have to drink unless you pull an entire room, and you can… pull entire rooms with no CC lmao

I kindof agree with the OP. While it’s been fun seeing so many people in the old world again, it’s actually made me miss Vanilla. I was in deadmines and the tank made several bad pulls, and essentially aggroed the entire smelting room. We didn’t die because our damage was just so high we took them out. I guess this expac was the beginning of the faceroll style pug runs, but I prefer the slower playstyle of vanilla and bc.


Likewise. It’s more like an actual game than just pressing buttons.

But then you are not new so you have a frame of reference from the past. If the content seemed more challenging then that would be an indication of some kind of mental decline. The fact that it seems easier to you is logical.

What … is this guy on … anyway. It was slower pace in classic and tbc def. So i guess wrath was the start of the decline huh. It is what it is i guess. Can’t change what happened so long ago. :cloud_with_rain:

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This is just a dumb point because most players have played wow for a good while, so getting a team of 5/10/25 new players together is just extremely unlikely.

Why would we balance the game around that?

I got bad news for you… wrath IS retail