[A] <Serious Business> for Shadowlands

Semi casual guild with 1-2 raid nights a week.

Raiding is optional, so is the serious, if you are not into raiding.

We also have people playing who are altoholics, seasonal players, battle pet collectors, new players and some pvp twinks.

Do a search and get an invite from anyone with a Serious Business guild tag on /who Serious

And I managed to send it from my horde toon… and no way to edit or remove the post?


Serious Business is recruiting for the start of Shadowlands.

We are a casual semi-progressive guild with the most team steam the first year of an expansion. As such we are looking for people, who wants to raid regularly, but who are also interested in just doing smaller team events late expansion if (read: when) late expansion funk sets in.

im interested in joining your guild for raiding i just created a character in that realm since all the other realms had my name taken, how can i contact you in game?

And btw it is Moonrunner an Alliance realm?(thats what im looking for)