[A] <Salty Sea Doggos> PvE/RP/PvP

The Salty Sea Doggos are recruiting! We are a community of friendly people focused on creating a non-toxic environment for players of all skill levels and interests. We have both Heroic and Normal raiding teams, Mythic + groups, RP, WPVP and more!

Raiding- The Salty Sea Doggos are currently seeking more raiders, especially for our Heroic raid team. Our Heroic team raids Wednesday and Thursday from 9pm-11pm CST. We are actively seeking another healer and several more DPS for this team. Our Normal team raids on Saturday from 2pm-5pm CST. This raid is ideal for people who are new to raiding (or veterans with alts) and want to get some experience in a friendly, lower-stakes environment.

PvP- We have a small but dedicated group of PvPers that are looking to welcome people into their ranks. Most nights you will find the Doggos in small groups, wreaking havoc in WPvP. We also have a few who enjoy rated Arenas. Whether you’re an experienced veteran or just getting your feet wet, our only requirements are a good attitude and a focus on having fun, win or lose!

Roleplay- Our RP division is always looking for more characters who are interested in joining up with our salty band of pirates! The Doggos are a ragtag group of smugglers that are on the lookout for “business” opportunities, adventure and easy gold. We have a scheduled RP night every Tuesday from 9pm-11pm CST. Many of our members also partake in the server-wide bar night event on Wednesday beginning at 9pm CST. Walk-up and spontaneous RP is also highly encouraged!

If you are interested in joining the crew, please send a message to one of our officers in Discord or whisper them in game. See you in Azeroth!

Bierta (Guild Master)

Discord: lady_dwarf#9863

Daintombarm (Raiding)

Discord: Daintombarm#6318

Quiversong (RP)

Discord: Emmaginary#6436


Great group of pirates. Their prices are reasonable and they don’t ask questions

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We could really use some healers in general. We have lots of folks interested in rated pvp and mythic+ push groups but we lack the healers to really get more than a group or 2 going. Come join our merry band of pirates. We don’t ask questions, we just get stuff done.

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"The loveliest band of pirates I’ve ever had the pleasure to spend time with."

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How to join RP activity or the guild?
I contact the Emmaginary#6436 but no responding.
Any way to let me in?


Message me and I’ll get you all figured out!

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Guild is great… everything is great…

help me * :fearful:*


We like killing stuff. Mostly horde but raid and m+ bosses will suffice.

This guild is amazing and I love every one of these peeps!

I am legally obligated to state that I was not forced to post 
this message by Bierta at dagger-point.

Our raid team has killed N’zoth twice now and we are looking for our third kill this week. We’ll be getting AotC for our guildies who don’t have it on Wednesday. On Thursday we’ll be starting a brand new “alt progression” raid for Heroic. If you want to get in to raiding but you haven’t found a team, now is the time to join the Salty Sea Doggos!


Hi I am 454 holly pally looking for a weekly-running guild raid team. My alt is at your guild and is there any position for my main in the raid team?

Bump for good Doggos!

Hi there! How dare you mock doggos, if I see you, you are done for! <3 Rogues enjoy hunting doggo haters. :slight_smile: