[A] Sage Crusaders 7/9N BoD Recruiting

If you are looking for mythic progression, then we probably are not the guild for you. We’re all working professionals with real lives/family/work but enjoy taking bosses down together. We’re not interested in being a server first or the best we just want to get together, have fun and get content down. If this sounds interesting to you please read below :slight_smile:

About Us:
Sage Crusaders has been a guild for 7 years. The guild was formed by a group of players who came together in during Cata Expansion. We aim to be a guild that is Semi-casual, enjoying gaming experience, striving to grow as players while progressing through raiding or mythic dungeons. Our raid team are a fun group of people, many of whom have come to be friends in real life. We run plenty of content together, so whether you’re looking to do islands, invasions, PvP, M+, or legacy content, you’ll generally always find someone willing to help out!

Our primary goal however will always be to have fun while supporting each of our fellow guild-mates. Whether you are a veteran to World of Warcraft or a new player, if you are looking for a new guild home, we hope you will give us consideration.

GUILD & SERVER: Sage Crusaders (Turalyon) (Alliance)
PROGRESSION: 7-9 Bod Normal (note we run fresh every week, so new raid guild members can get gear)

TUESDAY NIGHT: 7:30pm-9:30pm Cst
THURSDAY NIGHT: 7:30pm-9:30pm Cst

RECRUITMENT CONTACT:RaevensCrow#1790, Let’s Talk

Current Raid Needs:
With the expansion up and running, we are looking to bolster our progression raider ranks with a few new players and build on our M+ teams/runs.

HEALS: Holy Paladin, Disc/Holy Priest
MELEE: WW Monk, Unholy/Frost DK, Ret Paladin, Fury War, Rogue
RANGED: Warlock, Frost Mage, Balance Druid, Hunters, Ele Shaman
Tank: Any Plate Wearers

We look for the following traits in inviting members to join our guild/raids:

  • Dependable. Please be on time and ready to go, preferably 10 minutes before the raid time. Flasks/cauldrons/food are provided by the guild as are repairs.

  • Communication. Perhaps the most important aspect. Players will be expected to sign up for raids and notify officers if they cannot attend. Additionally, players are encouraged to ask questions in regards to mechanics, classes, and gear.

  • Respect. You will be expected to always treat your fellow members with class and respect. We all make mistakes and we all learn at different paces. Having a positive helpful attitude is a requirement for joining us. Mean spirited behavior will not be tolerated so please leave drama at the door!

  • Desire to learn mechanics and willingness to help others.

  • Active Engagement with the Guild. Running content, helping other members, being social with others, contributing to the guild resources, etc.

  • Adequate gear, performance, and a clear focused attitude. (don’t juggle chainsaws while raiding!)

General PVE Content:
Raiding is not all we are about however as you’ll often find our members participating in dungeons, leveling, and all around social fun. We welcome players who have interest in all areas, skill level, and experience level. We also welcome our regular non-progression raiders to any raid content that is currently on farm.

Voice Communication:
We use Discord for voice communication during dungeons and raids, which is required during raiding. Although it’s not necessary to speak in discord we’ve found it’s a lot easier if you have questions to speak up and engage in guild discord chat. We don’t bite and love to interact with our members!

We Also, Run a Community group called Sage Crusaders Associates.

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