[A-RP] The Violet Bastion

The Violet Bastion is an Alliance-side RP guild on Wrymrest Accord-US. We are an adventuring guild focused on a variety of educational pursuits and ideals; where our exploits find us traveling the world all in the name of research and discovery. Not a guild that pigeon holes it’s members into a certain role, we find many have a thirst for the thrill of adventure who all range from spell-slingers, bookworms, and shield bashing warriors! We offer quite a little bit to everyone like-minded on our journeys.

Our events consist of archaeological adventures, exploration, magical education seminars, and the occasional battle we may find ourselves conscripted for. Some of our more social events cater to the magical educational aspect, as well as events driven to give back to the communities our characters each hail from.

While we find ourselves sometimes in a friendly competition among our friends of the Explorers’ League and other adventuring guilds, knowledge we gain will be considered rightfully our own labor and as such, we will reap the benefits for our hard work. Though be expected to adhere to the proper conduct we work hard to maintain with dignity and respect.

Originally working under the umbrella of the Academy of Arcane Arts and Sciences, the Violet Bastion began as a small, very private educational structure based out of Stormwind City. Under the guidance of its original founder, only a select few were originally offered advanced instruction in its first few years of life while working in a number of ways to give back to their communities. Though its continued funding and political backing had been earned by means of Archmage Ambergin, whose direct ties with the Kirin Tor eventually amplified new growth - the Violet Bastion eventually became more inclusive and began to broaden its scope of offerings.

While keeping in compliance with both the Alliance and the Kirin Tor, the Violet Bastion became something in the way of its own entity over time, and found themselves quite noteworthy among their peers in the research and exploration community. The Violet Bastion even became known to be capable in times of war, though often only conscripted on more behind the scenes duty or providing exceptional souls to fill needed roles.

During the events of the Battle of Lordaeron, The Violet Bastion lost it’s original founder and closed its doors for a period of time. It was thought that The Violet Bastion would never be again until Arcanist Saedre Starweaver was finally presented with the late founder’s last will and testament, believed lost to record. Gifted with the ‘keys to the kingdom’, Arcanist Starweaver reopened The Violet Bastion and started to breathe new life into it once more in honor of her dear colleague and friend.

Presently, the Violet Bastion can be found operating within the estate that borders Redridge and Elwynn Forest; continuing to advance the Alliance in any way that they can through means of important research, instruction, and, more!

Interested in joining us?

  • Must be over the age of 18 to join. No exceptions.
  • Quick application via our guild webpage linked at the bottom of this post.
  • IC interview after application has been approved, and both officer and potential new member can log in at an agreed upon time.
  • Have a basic understanding of game lore and acknowledge you have read and understand our guild rules.
  • We utilize Discord and while it is not a requirement for joining, we highly encourage using it so you don’t miss important info and the opportunity to bond with other members of the guild.

About our RP and activity levels:

We are a medium-heavy level RP guild. Events are held weekly - twice, sometimes three times a week with casual RP in between as members see fit.

We understand our members have lives outside of the guild and/or simply wish to log in to explore content over RPing at that particular moment in time. Your time with us is meant to be stress-free and enjoyable. From our leadership team to our new recruits, we want everyone to feel at ease here, so understand that we are a laidback guild but do have an attendance policy that follows:

30 days policy goes into effect immediately: No communication. No login. Not being a part of anything IC or OOC will result in removal from the Violet Bastion. We feel this is more than fair given the whole, “Yo, we understand. Real life first!” You will not be removed if you let us know and are still trying to be a part of things via Discord.

Time-zones can be a bit of a pain in the butt at times, but we do try to be mindful of that per our own schedules that our leadership structure has out of the game. If you can’t make an event - we absolutely encourage any member to create one if they’d like to and we host a job-board for side quests delegated by our leadership structure for members to do in between events!

We are currently starting a storyline to tie into the events with Shadowlands, so come join us during this exciting time!

Please note the GM lives on EST so late night events aren’t usually scheduled until the weekends by the GM.

Helpful Info:

GM: Saedre
Officers: Kohler and Catisa

You can contact the GM or officers in-game to send in-game mail or simply search our guild online to see who is on - I am sure you can easily find us or be directed to one of us.

Guild webpage here: violetbastion. shivtr. com

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Oh a new Alliance RP guild? Nice! Maybe someone read the High Elf harassment thread and is going to do a Kirin Tor guild, or at least one in Dalaran.

Dare I hope…?

So anyways, nice to see old guilds coming back. Hope you guys find your footing and build a great community!

PS: If the humor is not appreciated, lemme know and I’ll just smoosh into Hidden.


Can always appreciate some good-nature humor!

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We are a small structure looking to add a few more folks eager to weave tales with us on our adventures. Close-knit, friendly environment that is very welcoming to all - I mean, what more could you ask for outside of an awesome adventure we will be doing soon to kick off our official reopening? In The Violet Bastion, we pride ourselves on making all of our members feel at home. I don’t know about you, but I never much liked joining a guild and not feeling visible to anyone.

Join us. We have cookies. Yes, you have to fill out an application but pfft, that’s a cake walk! Help us get to know what your character is all about and what you seek out of a guild. :dizzy:

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I have a toon that just might fit this bill…

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We are still recruiting, but soon to close it up temporarily to focus on our current members and get storylines rolling.

Seeking to join? Now it the perfect time!

Story-line event kicks off this Friday!

Argh this would have been perfect for when I played on Alliance…

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Hello! We just finished up our most recent excursion, Remnants of N’Zoth and had a blast! Heh… perhaps quite literally as well in the demolition of dangerous fragments left behind in Uldum!

Anyway, we are still taking applications for membership and would love to add more variety to our group. That being said, we are pretty mage heavy as it stands and are no longer looking for more at this moment in time. Right now, we are looking for other classes/IC skill-sets to join us! A few more people added into our awesome member base and we plan to temporarily halt recruitment to accommodate our current member base, so if you’re looking to join - it’s a great time to toss in an app!

Got questions? We have answers! Send a tell in-game to myself, Fable, or Ilrygon and/or in-game mail.

Oh wooooah hey - we are still recruiting folks!

Do you have to be magic savvy to apply? Nooooope! We hire all skill-sets!

Hello, hello! We are still recruiting and have it open in full swing just in time for Shadowlands to hit. Who’s excited for the pre-patch? I know we are!

We have many fun things in store and we are working on our first public event for Hallows End festivities. I’m pretty excited to see everyone’s costumes they come up with for our contest!

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The Violet Bastion’s Monster Mash is tomorrow. Who’s hype for a costume contest, pet raffle, dancing and more?! We are!

Where’s the monster mash at? I definitely want to bring a character by.

Hope you were able to make it, Cairah. Sorry I didn’t see this until after. I don’t check the forums too often.

TVB is pretty snazzy.

Please join the Violet Bastion as Director Starweaver opens up discussion on arcane magic as our returning seminar to the public, where she will focus on enchantment as the school of interest. If you could use a brush up on your skills and knowledge, interested in hearing other theories and historical back-up, looking to boast your own knowledge, or even just there because you’re interest is piqued on a Thursday evening - we would love to have you join us.

Each month we will present a new topic and perhaps a new speaker from within the structure of the Violet Bastion or abroad. If you’re familiar with these seminars in the past history of our guild some years before, then you know just what awaits you. If not? We can’t wait to see your face among the crowd!

Interested in speaking at one of these monthly seminars on Thursdays? Send us a DM so we can talk and get you on the schedule.

Topic of Discussion : Arcane Seminar I: Enchanting and You

When: Nov. 5th at 5:30 PM WRA SERVER TIME.

Where: The Purple Parlor (Old Dalaran) - Portal can be located in the Violet Citadel.

Who: Faction Neutral (Bring those elixirs!)

Refreshments will be set out on the tables for your indulgence. Various wines, cheeses, and red grapes will be available. Non-alcoholic beverages include teas, juices, and sparkling water.

BONUS: A small raffle will be available for a mystical pet to take home of your very own via google forms, but you must answer a trivia question to earn your new companion.

You will find that in Saedre’s TRP when you arrive. Entries close at 6:00 PM WRA SERVER TIME.


TVB is amazing <3


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I concur with the previous post.