[A-RP] <The Scarlet Conclave> Radical Scarlet Crusade guild


The Scarlet Conclave is an 18+, heavy roleplay guild founded in 2017 on Wyrmrest Accord, looking to provide a lore-accurate roleplaying space for non-redemptionist Scarlet Crusaders. We offer a friendly community with a long history, experienced officers, passionate writers, an elegant combat system and dynamic guild campaigns.

A central part of our guild is the division between in-character and out-of-character. Our guild offers a diverse and strongly LGBTQ+ friendly environment, and we have a zero-tolerance policy on racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, or other forms of discrimination and prejudice.

In Character:

We adhere to the teachings of Saidan Dathrohan, the Grand Crusader, operating under the deluded notion that he was never anything more than a beacon of the Light and a hero of humanity, and that we are the sole true inheritors to his legacy and that of the Scarlet Crusade.

We wage war against all others, be they living or dead, Alliance or Horde, Argent or schismatic Scarlet, prosecuting a war against the unholy, the heathen, and the inhuman. As such, we primarily only recruit humans, with only the slimmest minority of Bronzebeard dwarves and high elves allowed into the ranks of the organization, who often suffer great discrimination.

With an intricate and realistic structure of branches and sub-organizations, people from almost all walks of life can find a place in the Scarlet Crusade and in a war against the enemies of the Holy Light, either in the Army of the Scarlet Crusade, the Clergy, the Magocracy, the Inquisition, or the Crimson Legion, all of which boast their own purpose, niche and organization.

We have no in-character presence in Stormwind–all of our roleplay happens strictly in Lordaeron and proxy-zones for holdings in the north, and we strictly uphold our hostility to the Grand Alliance and neutral organizations of the world.

Required Addons:



Our recruitment process is comprehensive and starts with an out-of-character interview to assess whether or not you and your character will be a fit for the guild.

At this point, if you don’t have a character fit for a Scarlet guild, an officer will gladly workshop with you to make certain that you’ll have someone you can put on the roster.

After this, an in-character meeting or initiation will be organized.

Officer Contacts:

All officers can be reached on Discord to carry out a preliminary out-of-character interview.

If you wish to reach out for cross-guild collaboration, or simply wish to offer comments, concerns or otherwise, please reach out to the GM specifically.

[GM] Highlord Thoranis#0747 (he/him)

[Co-GM] Quinn#0806 (they/them)

[Co-GM] Eirdwen#5946 (she/her)

[Officer] infatuated alice#0013 (she/her)


these guys are awesome, btw

some of the best themed roleplay you can come across. dudes know what they’re doing, have great lore, and don’t shy away from their material. super inclusive and kind ooc, too.

if anything, crowley is a joy to work with. he has great ideas, loves making stories, and is just a genuine blast to make stuff with.

uh but uh scarlets are bad and you should trust me because i’m bad, but i’m good!


Bumping this! I’ve been caught up a lot with work and college, so I’ve been slow to get on top of this thread.

I’m happy to see the love of the radical scarlets has not died in RP. c:

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Sorry I’m late! Glad for your support :]

Refreshing. Hopefully you won’t get too hounded. Scarlets in any form tend to draw the worst out of people.

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They sure do; which is why typically I vet potential recruits for a week or more, and make sure everyone knows we’re not full of people that would actually agree with the Crusade OOC, lmao

All too common back on Wyrmrest back in the day, too.

Also, vaguely thinking of dropping updates on the guild campaign in this thread as we go… (Mostly so that I actually remember to post in here.)

More red humaniez? Get em boyz!