[A-RP] <Runeweaver Legacy> is recruiting!

Runeweaver Legacy (Alliance Heavy RP Guild)

Contacts: Kaliendra, Miraluna, Brýn

During the Legion’s attack, the Runeweaver Legacy stepped up to help those who had been displaced as a result of the demonic invasion that erupted across Azeroth. During the recent resurgence of violence between the Alliance and the Horde the Legacy again provided aid and protection to those left behind by the fighting. Now, as the fires of war begin to simmer low and darker threats await on the horizon, we turn to rebuilding and preparing.

What is the Runeweaver Legacy?

The Runeweaver Legacy is a heavy roleplay guild with an emphasis on humanitarian efforts and helping those who cannot help themselves. The Runeweavers that we take our name from were an ancient line of mages that dated from the founding of Arathor and met their end in the Third War. When the Legion appeared once again on Azeroth a few years ago, Kaliendra took up the name and responsibilities of these mages and formed a new organization to help keep the people of Azeroth safe.

What does the guild do?

As an organization, the Runeweaver Legacy has two main pursuits: reclaiming lost relics of the Runeweavers and other artifacts that could prove dangerous in the wrong hands, and providing humanitarian aid and protection against the many threats that rise across Azeroth.

Throughout the week, the officers run events with a simple rolling system that take our members out into the world on adventures that range from combat, investigation, puzzle solving, healing, exploration and more, with tones that range from grim and serious to light and sometimes even ridiculous.

We also encourage members to create or run events that help to tell their own stories, beyond those of the guild itself.

What is the guild structure?

On joining the guild, you are given the rank of Initiate. Any initiate is free to bring alts into the guild and participate in everything we do. Once you’ve attended some events and started to settle into our community, you’ll be promoted to Proven and can look toward which of our three Specialties suits you and your interests. These are the Guardian, Curator and Reclaimer.

Guardian: Guardians are members who have chosen to focus on the task of defending Azeroth from the many threats that besiege it. They are the first responders when a threat is identified and are also the ones who help protect the less combative members in the field. The Guardians are currently led by Miraluna Blackwood.

Curator: Curators are the backbone of the Runeweavers in many ways. Taking the lead on our humanitarian focused efforts in the field, they also help to manage and grow the guild on the home front. They are currently led by Kaliendra Airadale.

Reclaimer: Reclaimers are the members who are dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge and lost relics. They search for information regarding lost Runeweaver artifacts, as well as other relics that may aid our other works. They are currently led by Bryn Silverton.

Finally we have our Auxiliary rank, granted to alts of any of our members. These characters are still welcome to participate in guild field work without the full IC expectations of our Initiates and full members. If you’d like to bring an alt into the guild, you’re of course welcome to bring them in as an Initiate as well.

Are you solely a RP guild?

While RP is very much our focus, we also partake in a lot of the smaller group content available in the game. We occasionally participate in various other large group content, but have no official PvP or raid teams. We maintain a Discord with a strong OOC presence and community, though it also has an IC channel for RP if desired. Lastly, we’re looking to potentially expand to some OOC and even out of game activities we can do to socialize and hang out with each other.

Who are you looking for?

The guild is open to all types and we can find a role for characters even if you aren’t a skilled warrior or academic. There’s no restrictions to the classes we accept and our Curator rank is designed to be very welcoming to less combat-minded individuals. On the OOC front, the guild prides itself on being very welcoming and supportive to the LGBT+ community, and we expect our members to respect this.

Recruitment Process:

If you are interested in joining or have any questions about the guild, you may whisper an officer in-game, or mail one with either IC or OOC interest. Our recruitment process is very simple and easy to go through. We will conduct two separate interviews, first an OOC interview either over whispers or in party chat. We’ll ask some basic questions about you and your character to work out how to fit you in. Afterwards we will move onto the IC interview, where your character’s recruitment will officially begin!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them here, or reach out to any of the three officers listed above in game or via mail. We’ll be happy to clear anything up and speak with you. You can also find more information on our website at runeweaver(dot)shivtr(dot)com

We’re running an event out in Stormsong Valley tonight called ‘Simmering Embers!’ dealing with the fallout of the Fourth War’s sudden closure. If this sounds interesting or you’re at all curious about the guild and want to see what we do, feel free to reach out to any of our contact people above and tag along for the night! Our event will be starting up by 5:30pm server time, though we usually start to filter out thirty minutes or so ahead of time as well.

Giving this a good old fashioned bump for visibility! We’re still looking for interested recruits to expand our ranks, and have just filled up our in-game calendar of events! There’s a preview of several on the guild website now, with another few still to be added around the middle of the month, plus descriptions!

:palm_tree: Bryn’s Beach Bonanza! :parasol_on_ground:

Probably against his better judgement, Bryn’s picked out a nice beach for a get-together. Join us in Tanaris for sun, sand, sea, and a fond farewell to summer.

All are welcome for some casual RP at the beach, starting around 5:00 PM server time. Feel free to reach out to any of us here or in game for an invite, or with questions about us and what we do.