[A-RP] <Keepers of the Moon> For Kalimdor!

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*Flyers are posted on Notice Boards throughout Alliance cities.*

A call to arms for all Kaldorei and citizens of Kalimdor! Darkshore and Ashenvale have fallen into the Horde's hands! The Kaldorei will stand for this no longer! Sylvanas will answer for the atrocities she has committed, and we need every able-bodied citizen and soldier to help bring her and her armies to heel. For the first time, we will be opening our ranks to a select few non-Kaldorei in a military exchange program. Be they natural citizens of Kalimdor or fellow members of the Alliance, we are proud to have them aid our cause.

We will not forget those who have been displaced by war. We will offer supplies, protection, and the opportunity to help reclaim your homeland. For those with no experience or require training, our roster of proud veterans will teach you to wield blade, bow, or spell. With the forces of nature and new allies by our side, we exact justice for the fallen, heal the wounded, and liberate our lands and people from the grip of the enemy. We will take the fight to the Horde wherever they may tread and flush them out like the vermin they are. Strike from the shadows, so they will fear the night and what hides within it.

Tor ilisar'thera'nal! For Kalimdor and For the Alliance!

OOC info:

The drums of war are sounding and we've lost our beloved city and RP spot centric to the Night Elf community for the past 13 years. It's going to be a huge adjustment IC and OOC, so we're once again rebranding and taking our guild in a new direction appropriate for the expansion. The Keepers have always been a band of misfits comprising of Kaldorei from all paths and walks of life. From the enigmatic Highborne, the eldritch Twiceborne, and the outcast Demon Hunters reintegrating back into society after the defeat of the Burning Legion, we've always taken in "strays" and given them a purpose and a place to call home. We have decided to allow other races to apply on a case-by-case basis, should they show as much dedication to Kalimdor as we do. Not only will we be working to ICly "reclaim" Kalimdor through war fronts and guerilla warfare, we'll also show a humanitarian side as well through rehabilitation efforts for civilians who have been displaced by the war. Our guild is also friendly and helpful to new RPers as well as LGBTQIA+ friendly!

Officers: Illyirana/Achlysse, Ereminn, Lorendrethil, Caledonii, Kuuretar.

LF Kaldorei Guild
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What time and days are the events for this guild?

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11/12/2018 07:10 PMPosted by Jodaar
What time and days are the events for this guild?

Mostly Wed-Fri. at 5 pm server. Some times we have them at 6 server for our guildmates that work later.

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Also a quick announcement. We'll be closing recruitment for DHs for a while, since we've had five join recently. My apologies in advance!

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Disregard the other guild post. For some reason I didn’t think this thread carried over, I flagged it for removal. :neutral_face:

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Recruitment for Demon Hunters has been opened once again!

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We’ll be wrapping up our guild storyline in Desolace soon and heading to Feralas!

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These Night Elves are pretty spiffy.


Super spiffy!

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I hope everyone had a merry Christmas and happy holidays!


Might have to check you guys out, and try some Alliance RP.

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Hello! Yes, we are still around. I’m terrible at bumping threads. :dizzy_face:

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After much consideration, I’m having Azaeluna step down as a Guild Leader. Illyirana is now the character I’m leading on, so please direct any questions you may have to her!


Bump in the name of Elune!

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:confetti_ball: A lovely guild full of lovely people! Happy Lunar Festival Keepers! :dragon:

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Thank you! :purple_heart:

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Still looking for more long-eared girls and boys.

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Still here. RL has just been super hectic.


Great guild! I’m happy to be in it and they don’t even mind that I’m not available often to play or attend events. Very friendly folks.

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Always looking for more Nelves to do Nelf stuff with!