[A-RP][Grobbulus] The Kingfisher Tavern


A large tavern sits quietly in the sleepy park district of Stormwind City, looking only a little worse for wear, but inviting none the less. A sign hangs from above the door, swinging lightly in the breeze, showing an image of a small bird with a long beak.

If you happened to wander inside you’d be met with a warm atmosphere. Tables filled with various citizens and adventurers alike, all sharing a delectable variety of food and brew. The person who could only be assumed as the owner, a casually dressed dwarf, floated among the crowds. He swapped stories and ales with all inside, and when you met eyes he would offer a grin, wave you in, and say “Hurry on and get in here, friend! Welcome to the Kingfisher!”

The Kingfisher is an upcoming RP guild, Alliance side, on the Grobbulus server of Classic WoW! We’re a tavern style guild with the plans of fostering a central hub in the park district for all interested in roleplay!

Our story, so far…

Purchased by Bjornan Goldfist after the completion of the tram rail connecting Stormwind to Ironforge, the Kingfisher tavern has existed in the Park District for years. Business, however, has been in decline and the tavern has been in need of repairs for some time. With the economy beginning to swing back up following the aftermath of the Third War, Mr. Goldfist is looking to expand the business name and hire new employees to spark a revival of the park.

A few of ours ideas and plans are…

  • Nightly casual gatherings in the tavern for small-time RP and relaxtion!

  • Weekly (or bi-weekly) larger RP events either based around the tavern for larger public gatherings, or open world RP events exclusive to guild members!

  • Selling actual in-game food/drink related items that provide buffs for people to use while questing and PvPing! (in-game currency for bulk quantity!)

We’re looking for members who would be interested in either being a…

  • Server/Waiter/Waitress!

  • Cook/Head Chef!

  • Security/Bouncer

  • Possible Manager!

We appreciate all feedback, interest, and business! For any inquiry, suggestion, or application, please feel free to contact me directly on Discord @Halfway Decent#4369

From all of us at The Kingfisher, we look forward to seeing you on launch day and beyond!

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Hype for The Kingfisher! We’ll be making the tavern come alive for roleplayers to finally have a place to call home. The park can become a great roleplay hub, there are plenty of empty buildings and space avaliable to make the district come alive again.

I’ll personally be there every night after the launch hype has died down. If you’re looking for a full-time roleplaying guild, consider joining us! Cheers!


I’ll be rolling at least one character on Grob specifically for things like this that help enhance the gameplay. I’m not a hardcore RPer myself but I appreciate the immersion that the community creates.

I’ll definitely be stopping by to check this place out.


Remember to get your free drink on opening night!


Thanks for the interest! Now that name reservation is over I plan on cleaning up this post and trying to iron out some more details on the guild, so stay tuned!


Bump for The Kingfisher. Anyone else have any ideas for hub based roleplay?


Lol, thanks for the revival. Kind of hard to keep the thread in the main flow of traffic these days unless people really like you!

Anyway, I updated the post to be all pretty, so hope everyone likes it! Also dropping the Discord here (no links allowed on the forums though?) so hop in and say hi if you want to join the guild or plan on visiting us in game!

https: //discord .gg/knrVfXg


The Kingfisher will be open for the Alliance Grobbulus Opening Ceremony, August 31st! Do a quick google search to find the event page. We’ll be open before and after the speech.


Super hyped for that, will be a good starting event for the server! Hope a lot of people are able to attend. Speaking of the Kingfisher being open, we’re still looking for more people to pledge so the guild can be up right on day 1! If our group sounds appealing at all and you’d be interested in joining us make an awesome RP hub, please feel free to get in contact with one of us directly or join the Discord(semi-linked a few posts up) so we can all coordinate together!


I can’t wait to visit!


Getting hyped up for launch day since it’s just around the corner! Hopefully everybody already knows, but just in case, there’s the first server-wide RP event happening on Saturday the 31st at 6PM realm time! It’s an event to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Second War, and it’s happening right in the Stormwind Park! …Know what else is in the Stormwind Park?


In addition to having a great time in The Kingfisher, I have a long term classic goal, that is to revive The Park as a center of excellent, memorable roleplay. My first experiences being immersed in WoW took place in the park, and instead of leveling up I spent nigh years simply hanging out, making friends and having an incredible rp adventure.


Most of my RP experiences started in BC, so I was rocking out in Silvermoon… but not long after I started messing around in the Stormwind Park on this Belf here, and those were some of the best times I’ve ever had in this game. Cross-faction in-game RP using AOL instant messanger to translate, lmao


Just a few more days until launch! How excited is everyone?

Spread word of the Kingfisher to any friends who may be interested in a good casual RP setting! With only a couple days left we still don’t have enough out-the-door members to get the guild up and running right away like I wanted.

That doesn’t mean those of us who started this won’t be RPing right away and getting our foundation set, though. We’ll still be there in the tavern nightly to serve everyone, we just might not have an official guild tag when you see us!


It’s the day of launch, this thread didn’t get too much traction, and will likely slip quietly into the annals of history. But let’s hope we can look back a year from now and be satisfied with the great roleplay we’ve created in Stormwind.


Probably going to be the last comment here now that servers have individual forums, but just saying that I hope everyone had a good launch experience and is having fun playing Classic! If you want to stay tuned with activity from The Kingfisher, check out our guild post on the official Grobbulus forums!