[A-RP] Caelestis Templares


The <Caelestis Templares> are recruiting worthy Paladins who are willing to take the fight to the Heretic. Before the founding of the Church of the Holy Light, prophets received dreams from the Light. Once of these prophets, Saint Caormastus, wrote down the foundations of the Five Virtues of the Caelestis Templares: Intolerance, Vigilance, Faith, Zeal, and Charity! If you are Paladin willing to fight in the eternal crusade against the foes unholy, then join us!

We are a Heavy-RP focused guild, members are expected to be IC at all times unless in an instance (PVP or Raid/Dungeon). RP rules listed on the website are strictly enforced and the server is encouraged to report any rule breaking!

Ask our members for a link to our website!

Grandmaster: Andaelas
Officers: Varthath

The BB Guild Directory
The BB Guild Directory

Are these the folks from Silver Hand? <3


We sure are!