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Guild Name: Royal Apothecary Society
Faction: Horde
Description: We are a group of committed undead roleplayers who have a passion for all things Forsaken. Our guild on Bloodsail Buccaneers is a subsidiary of our main guild in Retail, <Royal Apothecary Society> on Wyrmrest Accord! Our RP focuses primarily on undead and apothecary-centric activities such as field research and creating, testing, and implementing poisons.
Races Allowed: Undead strongly preferred. Orcs, trolls, and tauren are allowed to join, but may not become apothecaries; they will receive the “Associate” rank instead.
Leader(s): Maerlyn, Plagueguts, Seenwood
Who to Contact: Maerlyn, Plagueguts, Seenwood
RP/PVP/PVE?: Heavy RP/Light PvE-PvP
Requirements: Since we RP as members of a significant lore organization, we strive to maintain a high standard of lore compliance. A character must be at least level 10 before they are eligible to join; alts of members may join at any level. We also require that members be 18+ and participate in a brief OOC interview before joining.
Currently Seeking: Undead players looking for a good RP home! Most of us are currently focused on leveling our characters and enjoying the gameplay, but most of our scheduled focus will be on RP, with PvE and PvP happening much more casually.
Most Active Playtime: 7pm - 1am server time (EST)
Guild Website: We have a Discord which functions as our guild website, available to members once they have joined the guild in-game.
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Guild Name: The Howling Owl
Faction: Alliance
Description: Classic off-shoot of the Faction Neutral guild on WrA. Entertainment RP Event focused.
Races Allowed: Any!
Leader(s): Eiella/Sarlynn (My Classic alts)
Who to Contact: Saeil#1437 on Discord
Requirements: Low requirements currently as we’re a bit more casual on Classic and currently just leveling. For now, requirements are just a short OOC interview done by me, a good attitude, be 18+ and LGBT+ friendly and use Discord.
Currently Seeking: Anyone interested in joining! Right now we’re simply enjoying the game and not yet doing any RP/IC events but will have occasional, simple events in the future.
Most Active Playtime: Evenings/weekends
Guild Website: howlingowl-wra .tumblr .com https:// /jW2xYZn

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Guild Name: Da Doctas
Faction: Horde
Description: A college of education with a focus on healing, but provides knowledge on a variety of topics. We focus on an all inclusive RP environment, newbies and experienced, new and old, and everything in between!
Races Allowed: Any Horde.
Leader(s): Rishizin
Who to Contact: Anyone in Da Doctas
RP/PVP/PVE?: Being all inclusive, we take a little from all walks of life and dabble in everything, though we are an IC RP guild first and foremost.
Requirements: Just need to be a pro-Horde RPer. I do have plans on holding IC interviews, just to help make sure we are a good fit for your character.
Currently Seeking: Any and all Horde-side RPers!
Most Active Playtime: Varies. Myself, most active on the weekends or after midnight during the weekdays.
Guild Website: None at this time.
Forum Post: Da Docta's School of Medicine ((RP Guild Recruitment))


Guild Name: The Forest Vigil
Faction: Alliance
Description: An RP coalition group of sentinels and non-sentinels unified for coordination against desecration of the forest. Our primary focus is on RP, where our enemies are the Horde, Naga, and corrupted Furbolg.
Races Allowed: Kaldorei (other races allowed on situational basis)
Leader(s): Renan, Sylesara
Who to Contact: Renan, Sylesara
RP/PVP/PVE?: RP primarily, light PvE/PvP if numbers permit
Requirements: IC interview
Currently Seeking: Any Kaldorei RPers looking for an exclusive guild.
Most Active Playtime: 7-11PM (ST), Sun/Mon/Fri.


Guild Name: Stoneblade Legion
Faction: Horde
Description: The Stoneblade Legion is a militia of Horde adventurers looking to make a name for themselves while serving the Horde and securing it’s place on Azeroth. Recruits are taken in from every corner of the Horde, including the enigmatic Forsaken. Once a legion of Horde soldiers leading up to and during the Third War, they met devastating losses on the slopes of Mount Hyjal. Little more then a handful survived. The remains banded together to help secure the Horde’s new lands in central Kalimdor. Leadership has recently been passed down to a young but ambitious orc warrior who now seeks to rebuild the once formidable force and represent the best of the Horde
Races Allowed: Orc, Troll, Tauren, Undead
Leader(s): Logohn
Who to Contact: Logohn, Azuka
RP/PVP/PVE?: Primarily RP with casual PvE
Requirements: OOC and IC interview
Currently Seeking: Primarily Kalimdor Horde races, but open to all.
Most Active Playtime: 5PM - 12AM
Forum Post: [H-RP] Stoneblade Legion


Guild Name: Tol Arkhana
Faction: Alliance
Description: The Fraternal Society of <Tol Arkhana> is a place where alchemists, conjurers, enchanters, evokers, demonologists, scholars, wizards and the magically inclined of all stripes can come together in the spirit of fellowship and mutual aid. Standing apart from the uninitiated, <Tol Arkhana> stands as a tranquil island in the midst of a tumultuous ocean. The common man cannot comprehend the desire, nay, the NEED to pursue the acquisition of magical power, but your fellows at <Tol Arkhana> understand perfectly.
Races Allowed: Any
Leader: Acerba
Who to Contact: Acerba
Requirements: The willingness to stand together with one’s fellows in the pursuit of power.
Currently Seeking: Fellow travelers in search of magical understand and magical artifacts.
Forum Post: [A-RP] <Tol Arkhana> is recruiting!


Guild Name: Caelestis Templares
Faction: Alliance
Description: The Caelestis Templares are pious Paladins of the Light who believe in the Five Virtues of Saint Caormastus: Intolerance, Vigilance, Faith, Zeal, and Charity. They are on an eternal crusade against anyone who stands against their ideals.
Races Allowed: Human and Dwarf Paladins only
Leader(s): Andaelas, Varthath
Who to Contact:
RP/PVP/PVE?: RP, PVE and PVP will be featured as well.
Requirements: A quick RP interview is required. Members who do not follow the rules listed on the website will be removed, but that’s half the fun sometimes. Paladins Only!
Currently Seeking: All worthy Paladins!
Most Active Playtime: Any
Guild Website: classic.Caelestis-Templares .com
Forum Post: [A-RP] Caelestis Templares


Guild Name: Misfits
Faction: HORDE!
Description: Let’s get weird, also R-rated
Races Allowed: Horde ones
Leader: Xio
Who to Contact: Xio, Aandyar, Mithaniall, Phanex, Phrenominon, Tricky (or just ask a member)
RP/PVP/PVE?: yes
Requirements: We might ask you a couple of questions. Or we might not.
Currently Seeking: Healers, but dps are always welcome.
Most Active Playtime: 9am - 3am ? we’re on all the time
Guild Website: nope
Forum Post: [H] <Misfits> pvp/pve/etc




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Guild Name: Order of Sanctus
Faction: Alliance
Description: Friendly Casual, Dungeon, Questing - eventually Raiding
Races Allowed: We love smelly dwarves, and tiny puntable gnomes
Leader(s): Rayveniael, Aegen ( we will recruit for officers )
Who to Contact: Aegen, Rayveniael, Xeekee
RP/PVP/PVE?: (Which do you focus on/do/not do?) I can say we haven’t had RP times, but what one does in the tram on the lonely nights is none of our concern :wink:
Requirements: (Lore-compliance, website application, interview, specific lvl, et cetera) Breathing and owning a computer with a sub to wow
Currently Seeking: (Do you need more tanks/healers/dps? Short on RPers of a certain race? Have an officer slot that needs filling?) TBD
Most Active Playtime: Seems to be all weekend and evenings ( EST )
Guild Website: (I won’t be able to post the link in my post, but I’ll let them know to scroll down to see yours for the link!)
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Guild Name: Silver Lions
Faction: Alliance
Description: A guild for older players (25+) that enjoy the social aspect of chatting with like minded individuals. It is a no-pressure environment where we help each other out and together enjoy all that Classic WoW has to offer. As we level up through the content we do plan to do dungeon runs together and helping each other out with various tasks and quests.
Races Allowed: Any
Leader(s): Yarma
Who to Contact: Yarma, Valaen, Ryona and Jaiira
Requirements: 25 years or older. No voice.
Currently Seeking: Mature players that would like to spend time socializing in a no-pressure environment.
Most Active Playtime: Weekends and Evenings (NA)
Forum Post: [A] [PVE] Silver Lions - Social Guild for Older players


Guild Name: Shattered Sword Assembly
Faction: Alliance
Description: A mercenary organization known as a free company. Seeks payment for their services, either as escorts, bodyguards, or for clearing out bandits, pests or other bad things.
Races Allowed: All races. (Alliance for now, may have a Horde guild later.)
Leader(s): Telriah Embershield (Telriah in-game)
Who to Contact: Telriah, in-game or through Discord. (Aurelstar#2632)
Requirements: Lore-compliance (Not strict, since I also use a lot of fanon.), a good grasp of English, and an In-Character interview.
Currently Seeking: Just RPers for the moment! Maybe an Officer if they have experience with helping to run a guild.
Most Active Playtime: Varies for the moment. Generally 8PM-11PM Eastern Standard Time.
Guild Website: While we have a website, it is for the WoW Retail and Final Fantasy XIV guilds. We do not yet have one for Classic. But for those interested, it is currently AurelianEmpire(dot)com (Domain name is being changed soon.)

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Guild Name: Shadow Hunters Society
Faction: Alliance
Description: social, leveling, friends and family style guild for quests/dungeons/helping others/complaining about your work day and eventually chilltato raiding. Non rp but Rp supportive and will generally enforce rp naming rules. perfect for people who like the immersion of an rp server but the chillness/sillyness of a pve server guild. Part time rp’ers welcome as a ooc respite in guild as well as getting some of our members into it from time to time, we do love to tell a good story on occasion.
Races Allowed: any, who YOU are is more important than race/class
Leader(s): Jaíren, Kassie, Illyasaville
Who to Contact: anyone who is online can either invite or is able to contact someone who can.
RP/PVP/PVE?: Primarily PVE, PVP outside of battlegrounds is not encouraged. RP is not a focus or required but is respected and may be joined in on.
Requirements: don’t ACTUALLY be a jerk. Chat has no censors or things that are off limits so be prepared for that in case it gets weird, RP friendly names highly preferred (taking your name from something popular is ok, just no lulzy names, add on adjustments OK).
Currently Seeking: Just anyone who thinks they would enjoy their adventures with us. preferably warm bodies but not required. ideally would like to get enough of a spread that a few people are on at any given time of day
Most Active Playtime: eastern time evening into late night. looking to expand this.
Guild Website: planned but not yet live
Forum Post: [A - Bloodsail Buccaneers] <Shadow Hunters Society> Casually hardcore social, leveling, chill raiding looking to grow


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