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Enclave of the Moon

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"Far over, we survived;
in our hearts lies a gaping wound.
But we must not forget those that have died;
as we needs find hope in our Mother Moon.

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<Enclave of the Moon> is a traditional kaldorei guild whose focus is on Elune, Malorne, and the Ancient Guardians that does not shy away from battle. Combining the priesthood and druids that governed Darnassus and the night elven people for countless millennia, they form a distinct bond of the divine and earthly and structure itself accordingly. Though it is not all priests and druids as Wardens, Sentinels, even Ashenvale’s Outrunners are welcome as most children of the stars will have a place here.

It started out with the majority of it consisting of Priestesses, until Cenarius introduced druidism. After the War of the Ancients and the druids went to sleep, the Enclave went dormant for thousands of years. It wasn’t until the first introduction of the Emerald Nightmare on Stormwind City did they reinstate the Enclave, and Gaeia became among the newly conscripted. When the last of the leaders fell in battle, Gaeia inherited the Enclave of the Moon and combined the order with her previous vision to better the kaldorei people.


The idea behind Enclave of the Moon is a rework of a previous guild that ended up into a different idea altogether. However, in the guild’s lore it will be the “evolved” version of the previous order known as Enudoril. This rework is combining the priests and druids in harmony, like the two leaders but instead of two individuals it’s the devout and the natural so any night elf that fits that description as Elune is the majority deity of worship within the night elves, but the druids also have totems and take on aspects of the Wild Gods (Ancient Guardians). The theme overall is the moon, stars, night, and trees.

• What You Can Expect •

Immersive, story-driven roleplay!

Here within Enclave of the Moon, we hope to provide the development and immersion you crave for your character and your own time. With your help, we can create compelling stories for not just yourself, but to the guild and all involved.

Character Development!

Speaking of character development, nothing is more satisfying than seeing a murmuring vagabond turn into a notorious kingpin or fledgling shadowmage turn into a dangerous void caster.

Friendly and Easy Going Leaders!

We know how hard it can be to join a guild with people you may not know. Our Co-Leaders and Officer Core are made up friendly, long time roleplayers who are willing to assist in anything you made need. We are LGBTQ friendly and open and accepting to all!

Welcoming Environment

We know the importance of acceptance. Intolerant guilds or guilds that refuse to do whatever they can to help you fit in are not great guilds and they don&rsquo;t last long. With us, our officers and leader will do what they can to help your character concept fit in or to encourage a brand new character. We will not outright turn you away just because your character does not fit in. After all, a character is replaceable and you can create a new one; we cannot create a new one of you. Should you need us to respect any pronouns or if there are triggering topics that have not been covered within the rules, you can bring it up to us and will be your champion should topics of such are brought up IC or OOC.

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Prime Speaker
Leader of the Enclave

These members are very few and are the most trusted to keep the stability and activity of the Enclave.

The most revered and honored of the Enclave, and can come of any walk of life or conclave it. Sub-officer rank with invite and promotion abilities. Can lead events and initiate new members. Can look at applications but cannot approve or deny.

Astral Guardian
Umbral Guardian
Lunar Guardian
Guardian of the Eclipse

Those that have been given their paths and pledged their oaths before the Enclave.

Astral Conclave
Umbral Conclave
Lunar Conclave

Those that are not ready to join the Enclave on most of their missions.

Those that do not fit in the majority Paths, or have not earned the trust of the Enclave to take on the responsibility of the Conclaves… Demon Hunters, Death Knights, Highborne, Alliance Aligned Nightborne, and so on.

Anyone not involved in any of this but still wishes to be social.

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The designated divisions within the Enclave, separated by cultural significance in kaldorei society but not exclusive as anyone can fit anywhere if they try hard enough. Upon initiation to the Enclave, one will become Oathbound. When they commit to their duties, they will be promoted to Guardian of their respective Conclaves. The Speaker is the leader of the respective Conclaves.


Those that preside in this path are devoted to the Ancient Guardians, or otherwise known as the Wild Gods. These individuals have been essential in the restoration of the kaldorei since the day Cenarius introduced his Thero’shan to the Emerald Dream. While most common to be druids, monks, hunters, it is not uncommon for the curious and inventive to walk this path as they navigate the stars.

  • ☆•. Commonly druids and those attuned to astral magic.
  • ☆•. Speaker:

Those that preside in this path are the warriors of the night elven people. Those that do not find themselves between the natural gifts or Elune’s chosen will find themselves here. Majority that make up this path are Wardens, Sentinels, general guardians and arbiters of towns, cities, and encampments. Any class that is defined by these characteristics will be placed here, and those whose entire lives are devoted to their bows and blades

  • ☆•. Commonly Sentinels, Wardens, Huntresses and the like.
  • ☆•. Speaker:

Those that worship the Mother Moon and have devoted their life as a priestess, a warrior, and nurturer of their people belong in this path. The very foothold of night elven society was built by the priesthood, and it is them who keep Elune’s favor and she who offers her succor to them. Elune’s chosen often are the Priests and Priestesses that devote their lives in temples and divulge mainly in the divine and Her radiance.

  • ☆•. Commonly priests and priestesses and the warriors blessed in her name.
  • ☆•. Speaker:

Those that do not find themselves kin among kin; the ones often stared at and mocked. Too often there is a shadow looming over you and your past, present, and possible future. The demon hunters, twiceborne; and the unexpected allies in worgen, alliance-aligned nightborne, and highborne find themselves among the outcasts of the Enclave.

  • ☆•. The outcasts; those not beholden to fit in and can go and do as they please- within reason.
  • ☆•. Speaker:

•IC Base•

The Moonlit Grove

The Moonlit Grove was created by the Enclave of the Moon’s druids as a safe home for all the Conclaves. This is the main base of operations for the Astral Conclave.


The idea of blessings is which one or two spirits of fallen, yet instrumental members of the Enclave of the Moon best fits your character. These characters are instrumental in the reasons for why we seek entrance to the Shadowlands in our future plot. These spirits are also a sense of connection and purpose for the guild to be as great as them, as well as the holidays that celebrate their honor.

Elvren, the Protector (Ancient of War)
When your family and friends are in need, you come to their aid; when your home is under attack, you must defend it.

Woodmirth, the Tender (Ancient of Lore)
When your allies fall, you must uplift them; when the forests burn, you must tend to them; when the balance falls, you must correct it.

Analyre, the Warrior (Huntress)
When you are defeated in battle, you hone your craft and win the next time; when you are challenged, you do not back down. You always get your target.

Moonfog, the Shadow (Warsaber)
Untraceable to your enemies, but always there for your allies; the deadly assassin that fulfills the bounty on their targets. You are the embodiment of all that it means to be kaldorei. You know your surroundings and use them to your advantage.

Helus, the Augur (Priestess)
Devout in their pledge to Elune, the augur manifests their divine blessings to those in need, or those who deserve Her wrath.

Ilmfre, the Cleric (Priestess)
Battle ready, they exhume poise and grace on the battlefield to heal their allies, protect the weak, and show that Elune does not forgive Her enemies’ transgressions.

Kylrus, the Outcast (Highborne)
The one spat on when they come into towns; the outcast that gets the look of disgust from their kin, or do not belong within the elvenkind. But this is because you are misunderstood. You are judged from the outside, instead of what you are capable of.

Calum, the Survivor (Druid)
Your people have suffered, and so your path in life has not been easy. But you pushed on and persevered with what fate has granted you, and you still see Elune’s warmth and light as a sign of hope.

Conclave Combat

Click Me!

☆•. A sort of talent system universally the same for every Conclave, but different in flavor text and skin. Each Conclave will have a healer, mdps, rdps, and tank system that, for each combat event regardless of succession, will rank up the same ability a certain amount of times. This will go in your DiceMaster legendary slot, but it is not required.

☆ Each event and impromptu RP you attend will grant you Leaves, a sort of guild currency you can use mainly to spend on conclave trees or to buff up your DiceMaster traits. We will implement an item/storage system too for health potions, mana potions, etc.

☆ This is all very much a WIP and may not be available right away! I’d like to bring on a few established DMs to counsel me and help integrate it within the guild in a clean and concise manner.

•PvE, Shadowlands, and More!•

Right now, our main goal is to get everyone and the guild setup for Shadowlands. RPing in BfA is daunting, and no one wants a forced storyline or to only see d20 events every day. That being said, there is a leveling bonus and reputation bonus!! If you ever thought of leveling a night elf, get to know the lore more and explore, we don’t mind at all.

•Guild Goals•

.•To provide more casual, walk-up RP to those within the guild•.
.•To alleviate the schism of doing PvE content and RP•.
.•To create a community-like atmosphere within the guild•.
.•To foster, sponsor, and create community RP and events•.
.•To encourage creative ideas and flourish imagination•.
.•To grow as a concept and add annual and repeated events within the guild•.

☾. •…


•Rumors and Hooks•

"They have excellent taste in party favors for the holidays." ~Awe-struck citizen

“Just when I was about to lose faith that Darkshore could be saved, some of the Enclave’s brethren provided much need relief and reminded me of what I was fighting for.” ~Ashenvale Outrunner.


I think I’ve seen this format before.

Yes, yes you have :slight_smile: I am notorious for making guild listings. This one, in particular, is a copy and paste from Enudoril’s original guild lasting back in July.

What happened to the original guild, Enudoril?

Long story short, I did not want to start any major campaigns or guild stories until after I moved. I was moving across the country, and naturally I had this sinking feeling nothing would go well. I was right! Not only did it take me 20 days to even settle and get internet, it took another month to get a sense of normalcy and get over the traumatic events that happened along the move. And halfway between the guild’s creation and my move, Classic came out and several members succumbed to it (I almost did; I almost made a Classic variation of Enudoril).

The name change and premise prompted a change because as I came back, I saw a few guilds similar or the same in name and idea come about and I did not want to make things redundant if there was not going to be a council of sorts. I also was very low on creative energy and could not commit to the idea anymore. A fresh start was in order!

How active is the guild?

Originally on hiatus, I have been hesitant to bring it back. I keep making excuses not to launch, despite having the website made months ago. But with recent developments inspiring me to be Alliance bound and more specifically, night elf druid, I have become invigorated to at least try. Please do consider the time of day people log on, to be active in the Discord or gchat. As it stands, the current state of the game is not ideal and most of our existing members just don’t want to play right now. You can expect Shadowlands to be our goal for peak activity as we, as a guild, find a way into the Ardenweald to help efforts there.

You keep stressing Shadowlands, why?

Night Fae. Ya girl here wants the Faun to be playable so bad, and to open the guild up to it. Even if they are not playable right away, we will accept Night Fae OCs into the guild under the Eclipse Conclave unless we have a bunch and will make the Fae Conclave accordingly.

What races do you allow?

Night elves should make up 70-80% of the bulk of the guild. So that does mean we will focus primarily on recruiting night elves, but if there are always reasons to recruit worgen, highborne, guardians of cenarius, dryads, dragons, alliance-aligned nightborne, night fae and so on. Anything connected to the Emerald Dream and Darnassus.

I can’t seem to find you or anyone online.

I have my Discord listed in #Contact down below, as I am an artist and dutiful dog mom and days blur constantly.

You focus on RP and PVE. What about PvP?

That usually falls within the rest of the guild’s interests. We don’t want to spread ourselves thin, but those that love PvP over PvE can still join. They just may not find like-minded individuals, or those with the same skillset and rating. If you are patient and willing to teach, myself and others would be happy to play with you!

How do I join?

You may join as an established character by signing up on the website and letting someone know. If you are experimenting with night elves and don’t know if you are ready to actually RP, we can keep you in mind and discuss ideas first as we still require brand new characters to have some sort of semblance and desire to join the Enclave as a whole IC, but you should have enough of a vague idea to apply on the website as well even if it is a level 1.

•Currently Recruiting For: •

☾. Active and helpful members.
☾. Officers (IC, OOC, PvE/RP, and recruitment are all roles required for this)
☾. DMs (not required to be an officer)


Guild Website: https://enclaveofthemoon.shivtr.com/
Application: https://enclaveofthemoon.shivtr.com/site_applications/new


Gaeia, Tytahnia, Archmoon in-game or gorgon#6137 on Discord

☾. •...



Things are naturally slow, so for anyone that is looking for a relaxing time until it’s Shadowlands, this is a good place to be.


Just dropping by to say hello and how excited I am to see another elf themed guild around! Looking forward to running into you all sometime with my guildies.


Glad to be back <3 Took a long hiatus, but a rebranding was in order.


Hello there!


Glad to see Kaldorei guilds still continuing, despite Blizzard’s best laid plans.


BFA was merely a setback. We just needed a bit of time to regain our collective composure.


As well as I to get my wits together. ^_^; the hiatus definitely took its toll on the guild, but I’m a patient person and completely understand there’s a lot of people that would rather wait until everything is rolling smoothly before signing up.


While we’re still looking for members, I am definitely on the look out for more that want to get into the PvE side of things <3 With a plan for streaming as well. Shadowlands is looking a long ways away, so why not start now :slight_smile: get y our foot in the day, feel the gravel, and take a load off.


I’m thinking about switching to an rp server (an active one) and this good sounds so interesting.


Awesome! while I can’t promise we have 10+ active people that are on at all hours of the day, you have me, an officer, and two others that are on usually. And I need to do some gearing for my warrior and happy to do catch up content.


(Commentary): This may be relevant to your interests. Please enjoy.


Good to see the massive guild undertakings are still happening.
While I do sometimes consider looking into it, my IC may just be a bit too weird to fit into an actual Kaldorei guild.


I would be interested in joining. I am looking for a guild to stick with for Shadowlands.


We would be happy to have you!


out of curiosity, what part of your IC do you think would be too weird? Your moon transmog on your forehead piques my interest


Full TRP content being cut from the explanation, just generally being a dull human with no druidic abilities or priestly background, but still blessed by Elune. Worgen, at least, can shapeshift in some capacity.


What time do you folks situate yourselves at? EST, PST, etc?


Usually in the afternoon to late afternoon and evening EST. :>


Lovely. I believe I will try and apply on my alt. Thank you for the quick answer.