[A] Returning Blood/Frost DK LF Active Guild

Returning player looking for an active guild. My current guild has become an alt parking lot and I would like to find a more active home. I have been MIA mainly since 9.1 release a year ago and have recently re-subbed in anticipation for 9.2.5. I’ve Raided (N/H) and done Mythic+ In the past and would be looking mainly for those two elements in an active guild outside of general socializing. Please feel free to reach me through here or in game.

Thank you

Hello Rune, we are looking for active players for raiding and general M+ participation. we are 5/11 Heroic Sepulcher, and have a handful of players that run 15’s and above M+. Let me know if you’re interested!

Hello! the forsworn is currently looking for dps for our heroic roster, we are 7/11H and are currently progressing on Anduin this week, discord is active most nights. Daily run of keys in the 10-15s we also have a tank that pushes for 20s and higher if thats your thing. feel free to add me and we can have a chat! Elixervitae#1387