[A] <Relapse> Looking for new members, 10/10N 4/10H Guild seeking new raiders

4/12 Mythic

I’m interested in joining. My characters are horde at the moment, but I’d have my enhance shaman (main), arms warrior, and ret pally.

Previous Cutting Edge/Ahead of the Curve achievements. But I have not played much this expansion.

hello bobnuke, we are currently about to take a break for the rest of the expansion due to burnout, we’ve all been pushing pretty hard the last few weeks. If you’re still looking for a home and wanting to raid heroic from time to time with some good people, we’d be happy to have you.

That sounds great. I am currently transferring my characters as we speak.

Did you ever end up transferring to Lightbringer Bobo?

looking to start recruiting for shadowlands

Still looking for more ranged dps for our SL mythic raid group (mage, warlock, shadow priest and hunters pref)

we are 7/10 Normal and 1/10 Heroic
mainly looking range dps

Our glorious leader, Kaisir Atlas Dukal, will lead this revolutionary guild into the jaws of hell itself to challenge whatever enemies stand in our ways with his velvety tones! Also, he streams raid nights at https://www.twitch.tv/badatlasgaming so you can watch us kick tushy and also die and laugh. Happy holidays everyone!

We are now 6/10 Heroic. Looking only for range dps.

8/10 Heroic with some decent pulls on Stone Legion

9/10H now
looking for boomkin and healer priest

10/10 LFM ranged for our mythic team. need a healer and a boomkin and another hunter for starts

we are currently 9/10N, but looking to start pushing heroic.
we had a slow start due to vacations and other summer plans, but are looking to make up lost time.

After a successful day into heroic, we are now 9/10N 3/10H.

We are now 10/10normal

10/10 normal AND 4/10 heroic!