[A] <Relapse> Looking for new members, 10/10N 4/10H Guild seeking new raiders

we are now 3/9M

Now 7/8N and 2/8H in the Palace.

we are 8/8N and 3/8H in first week

Scratch that 3, we’re note 6/8H

we are officially 7/8H

8/8, get rekt son!

we are 5/12H as today!!!

7/12, Tushy can’t count

12/12 Normal as of last night

we are 8/12H now

Sent you a request so we can chat.

I’ve got a Outlaw Rogue I’m gearing up, 455 Veng DH, and 450 ish Blood DK, and bear/prot/panda tank though not geared.

So if you guys need a tank for M+ and/or Raiding I’ve got one. DPS for raid too but a bit away from being rdy with gear

Hello Divest, sorry we didn’t get back sooner. If you like you can message me at Atlas201#1166 and we can talk further about recruitment and if you have any questions.

we are now 9/12H

do u guys raid mythics?

not really
we are also 11/12H now

Just cleared 12/12 heroic! We’re looking at mythic now.

We are currently recruiting people who can dedicate to the time (preferred ranged) and people who know they class for our push into mythic.

Bumping this. Still looking for a couple more dedicated members. Raid times are still mon tue and wed 5-7:30 PM PST. In need of a warlock and a dedicated boomkin. Atlas201#1166 for fur questions or if interested.

we are now 2/12M

3/12 Mythic, get dunked on.