"A real night elf"

So, I was approached via in-game whispers randomly by a person who I do not know, and said person proceeded to inquire about my interest in Night Elf lore. I of course replied I have interest, though my knowledge is limited. From there, I proceeded to accept their verbal invitation, and rules explanation begins. “Rule 1: Avoid hanging out in Elwynn Forest! And Avoid RP In Stormwind because we’re Independent Elves! For a Safe, Peaceful and Drama Free Environment!”

Now, I have no problem adhering to guild rules. It’s no big deal, but I really enjoy walk-up RP. I work a lot, and don’t typically devote a whole bunch of time to one specific character. With that being said, that’s why I use Stormwind for quick walk-ups. I get to scratch my itch, and I’m not holding any one else up. So, obviously I cannot adhere to these rules offered up.

From there, I declined their offer under this same explanation. After this explanation, said person went on to explain how there “would always be RPers available as they are the ‘biggest’ elvish guild in history and they compete with all the Stormwind elven guilds.” From there, it seems they finally caught up to what I had written and replied “Ah, got cha. Well when you plan to RP a real night elf one day, seek us out. Good night”

The crux of this post is to acquire the opinions of my fellow Moon Guardians on whether or not RPing in Stormwind takes away my Night Elf card, and if there is some seemingly endless trove of undiscovered and talented people that never touch foot in Stormwind? Appreciate the help.


I did that but with less expletives, I’m more so asking if this outlook on Stormwind RP is common and where this trove of excellent RPers that never step foot in Stormwind are.

I know which guild this is and you can safely ignore the friendly advice. RPing in Stormwind has always been a thing for Night Elves and it doesn’t make you untouchable or not “a real night elf”. There are many reasons that your character may be there and not say … Ashenvale.

Xenophobia has been a thing too for some Night Elf role players. But that’s not a required character trait - even though some may say so. You can tell them:
ok sunderer


Welp, guess you better turn in your pointed ears and fruit of Elunes.

I guess they weren’t around for pre-cata before the park got deathwing’d. You know, the thing with a giant moonwell in it.

Far as I remember Night Elfs have always been around Stormwind and the fact that someone clearly doesn’t understand this is funny. It’s like saying I’m not a real Troll because I hang around Orgimmar when the Echo Isles have been retaken.


Hard when expansion by expansion, Blizzard wants the Alliance and its races to be centralized in Stormwind. Cannot fault someone who chooses to RP there.

Though from how the recruiter described their guild, and it sounds like a particular “Kaldorei” guild that is infamous for a variety of reasons, namely stemming to its guild master.

My take; you shouldn’t be upset. You dodged a bullet.


Night Elf guilds are weird. They’re either super fantastic and great to be in or they’re super fixated on weird fannon and really uppity about it. No in-between.

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This =)

/10 char

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Stormwind is more or less The Place To Be, since its where Blizzard more or less wants its Alliance players to be if they’re not in [current expac hub].

From how you described the recruitment, that guild sounds real familiar. Dodged a house fire more like.

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I’m glad I’m not crazy for thinking this person was out of pocket. If people on the forums can pick out you guild based on a few quotes, you know things are bad. I’m not typically one to sh*t on others playtime, but I am glad I dodged that one.

I’m just trying to enjoy the game and get back into RP, I’unno why it matters so much being a Night Elf in Stormwind… you see a bunch of refugees about, seems as though it would make sense for individuals belonging to a state taking refuge in their capital.


Bullet dodged. lol

They’re probably cult-like. They seem ok on the surface, but the more time you spend with them, the crazier they are, then one day you’re asked to drink Kool-aid.

I look at stuff like this as being the other end of the “play what you want to play” spectrum - they should be free to do their own thing like anyone should, and if they want to have a super lore-strict guild full of xenophobic Elf characters with tight-knit RP circles and shared guild fanon, good on them. I can see how that could be super fun. Even the bit where they tell their members that they can’t hang out in Stormwind, while eeehhhhhh, is disclosed and people can opt out of the guild if that level of top-down control isn’t their thing. I fully support their choice to be whatever flavor of nutty, nutty cocoa bean they want to be wherever they want to do it.

The point at which their opinion should end at the tip of their own nose, though, is where they feel compelled to tell other people that they’re not doing “real” Kaldorei RP. The marvelous thing about playing pretend is that it’s pretend. If you can get a group of people together who want to play that Night Elves are actually shapeshifted cat clans or incredibly evolved viruses or the cast of The Walking Dead who got teleported to Azeroth somehow, do it! And they are no more right or wrong than someone who only speaks in quotes from Warcraft 3 because there is no “right” or “wrong” in RP.

Just what you want to do and if you can find other people who will go along with it.


Well at least it wasn’t a forest troll rogue with a potion talking about how things were before drinking from some pond in the tree’s. People like that probably drive corvette’s to make up for something. Glad you can vent. Ignore and move on I say.

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Then I guess NPCs such as Leria Nightwind, Shylamiir, Tannysa, and several others aren’t real night elves just because they seem to really like Stormwind, then? :confused:

Yo isn’t stormwind currently full of Night Elves while the Moonblessed Night Elves are off killing Horde?


I get that however the only difference between this guild and a certain strict, xenophobic back in the day guild is this currently discussed guild isn’t lead by Night Elf rogue that roleplayed a warden. Other than that people would be wise to avoid the guild due to the manipulation and abusive behavior.

Canonically, There has literally never been more kaldorei in stormwind then there has been right now. I don’t know what they’re talking about.

The cathedral could hold no more refugees, not even in the darkest corners of its extensive catacombs. The inns had ten to fifteen in each room. Even certain areas of the keep were filled with silent, stoic kaldorei. The flood spread to seemingly every surface of the city, continued down through the Valley of Heroes, and spilled out most of the way to Goldshire. (‘Elegy’ Pg 78)

(This could be just movie-canon, but they mention that Goldshire is supposed to be a days ride from Stormwind - which is a metric butt-ton of elves)



Ah, well. Hopefully I’ll find a guild of real night elves one day.

If Elegy was authorised by Blizz, then I think it’s safe to say it’s canon.

Also: Night Elves have existed in SW for quite some time, there was a Moonwell there for effs sake. And I think they only dislike strangers in their lands if said strangers start desecrating it and cutting down the trees for war machines.


Wait wait wait…

I’m sure someone’s said this but uh…isn’t Stormwind filled with Night Elves right now after Teldrassil?