A quick CM comparison

By now most folks are aware that Ythisen’s, the US Community manager was one of those that were made redundant earlier today.

When the new forums became active on 7th November 2018 everyone’s post count was reset. Let’s for a moment compare two CMS:


224 posts


2 posts

If Ythisen’s who actually responded to their base and was actively involved with the community was made redundant then the chances are so has Takralus (which honestly we wouldn’t even notice) but it does question the state of Activision Blizzard when fundamental roles like customer service are the first to go even after the following:

  • 2018 was the most profitable year in the company’s history, but they fell short of goals.

  • Activision Blizzard’s net bookings were a record 7.26 billion, up from 7.16 billion in 2017.

Source: https://www.wowhead.com/news=290236/activision-blizzard-quarter-4-2018-earnings-report-8-of-employees-laid-off-in-ye

If it was impossible for Oceanic GD to get a response prior, often needing to go to US GD) then with the recent restructure we are even more screwed.


I saw this linked in another post, so just thought I’d add something I was looking at this morning…

Yth had over 14,300 posts read
tak has 419
Bornyakk - 8,000

So who is actually reading the forums. Even Yth with 14,000 doesn’t earn trust lvl 3. - but he was by far the most active…

I’d also add to you “posts” list

Bornyakk with 98
Watcher with 3
Lore with 29

watcher & lore have their account info marked private - so we don’t know how many posts they have read.

The new forums have been up about 5 months, right? Is that adequate communication?

IDK, but it feels bad seeing the most engaged of the CMs being let go, with no one else even coming close to that level of communication.


Two and a half years have gone by. Takralus last post ( aside from a one word /salute to Narull ) was Sept 2016.

Two years five months.

Im sick of playing at night. Many people are. They have more or less just given up trying. No progress reports, no details on if a fix is even being worked on.

Not one word in two and half years. We could keep threads going on any number of topics but…if no one responds…whats the use?

I dont even know if we HAVE an OCE community manager…:anguished:


For years I didn’t think we had one until the /salute and congratulations to the OCE MDI post…

Do we still have one? IDK did we REALLY have one before. I mean I referred to the OCE CM as a POS and nothing came from it.
If you could pick one of the following about the OCE CM for the past few years what would it be:

  • Pointless
  • Missing
  • Aggravating the players
  • Unhelpful
  • Not doing their job
  • All of the above

Comment for other

All of the above.

Read all of this

Im sorry to hear that. It is never easy…and we have a lot of the same issues in some regards.

I am not angry, not “salty”…I am, in all honesty…bitterly disappointed in people from whom I expected far, far better than this.

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deleting due to receiving in-game harassment