[A] <Pumpers United> 6/9M (ATDH) LF DPS for Mythic Roster + Casual!

Pumpers United is a group of previous mythic-tier raiders who are looking to continue the push into Season 4! We are currently recruiting for casual Mythic progression in Season 4 and War Within!

We are looking for those who can show up, do their best, as well as deal with the questionable collective brain cell we all share.

Key pushing is a favorite pastime of many members!

We currently raid Tuesdays/Thursdays at 10PM-12AM server (EST). We enjoy a fun, laid back environment when it comes to content, while still pushing the more difficult aspects of the game. We often hold casual normal raids or key runs to gear alts. Bring your whole roster!

At the moment we are looking for a WW Monk, DPS of any variety, and a non-druid/non-priest Healer! Although, we encourage all classes/specs to reach out! Mythic Plus Pumpers are also encouraged to reach out!

Recruitment Contacts:

In-game - Spirtbox-Stormrage | Battle.net - Mannswers#1383 | Discord - .pattywack

In-game - Dagrs-Stormrage | Battle.net - Dagnolio#1850 | Discord - dagnolio

In-game - Alwaysøøm-Stormrage | Battle.net - Waradin#1807 | Discord - Waradin

Check us out on Warcraft Logs as well!

and ends at what time?

It ends at 12am! We raid 4 hours a week :slight_smile:

Hi, I’m super interested! Do you have room for a restoration druid by chance?

Hey we’re still looking for a windwalker monk or any melee dps! :dracthyr_blob_dance_animated:

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Is Ret paladin an option?

Totally! if you haven’t already, please feel free to reach out to one of the contacts listed in the post, either on bnet or discord!

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We are still recruiting!

Still open for recruits, dont be shy :slight_smile:

Are you still open for a heals?

need a disc priest?

bnet bluemage#15303

Hey Pals! We’re looking for a monk either WW or MW and a DPS Warrior!

any room for a mage ?
have recent h parses just did


Hey, still looking for a dps or two and a healer that has a solid DPS off spec! Warriors front of the line!

Still recruiting! High priority on a warrior! We will consider any dps spec, and any non-druid healer :slight_smile:

Any interest in spriest w/ holy os?

Yes! please reach out to .pattywack on discord :slight_smile:

We are still recruiting! In need of a spriest and mage but any dps spec will be considered!

An update, we will consider mages of any spec! We will also consider consistent dpsers of any class/spec :slight_smile: